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Pluto Symbol Meanings

The Pluto Symbol and its Meanings

The Pluto symbol is based on a combination of initials. The "P" represents Pluto the Roman god, and the "L" signifies Lowell, as in the Lowell Observatory who was the first to discover Pluto in the 1930s.

As I'm writing this page on the Pluto symbol, god and planet meaning - science is in a heated debate about whether or not Pluto qualifies as a planet.

Regardless, there are distinct qualities of this magnificent celestial body that bear acknowledging.

Here is an at-a-glance list at various attributes of the Pluto symbol, its mythological namesake (Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld) and the planet Pluto...

Pluto Symbolic Meanings

  • Deep psyche
  • Hidden power
  • Excretion
  • Distant
  • Obsession
  • Rebirth
  • Transformation
  • Reflection
  • Regeneration
  • Detection
  • Darkness/Void
  • Epiphany after a long time

These are serious, and heavy-duty symbolic meanings associated with Pluto. Ergo, using the Pluto symbol and the energy connected with this heavenly body must be done so with the utmost care and respect.

From a mythological standpoint, Pluto was one of the sons of Saturn, who devoured him at birth. This tips a hint to the deeply inward and withdrawn mentality of Pluto. An indeterminate amount of time swilling around a bilious belly is bound to make one withdraw into the inner sanctum of the psyche. And so, there's a clue as to the depth (and sometimes emotionally disturbing) capacity of Pluto.

After stewing in Saturn's stomach, Pluto (and all his other siblings upon whom Saturn feasted) were rescued by Jupiter who then distributed universal responsibilities amongst the gastric captives.

He made Pluto in charge of the underworld. This is another great view of the symbolism. Deep, dark, mysterious, unknown...Pluto manages a domain completely hidden from our common reality and physical sight. Yet, there is tremendous activity in the underworld. It's hustle and bustle is felt in the physical as all things (seen and unseen) are infinitely connected.

As a celestial body, Pluto is one of the outer planets - to be specific, the furthermost planet (so far :). This makes its effects long reaching. Indeed, it's influence is experienced over generations.

This is a lovely symbolic marriage between Pluto's furthermost location in the heavens and in the mythological stance. In the steely cold grasp of deep black space winks Pluto in its stand-offish, all-knowing charm. In myth, Pluto reclines on his throne within Hades, an underworld of dark shadow where few dare to enter.

We begin to see a theme of distance, mystery and darkness. This is often why the Pluto symbol (and all its manifestations) are viewed in terms of death.

I'm not of a mind to entertain death - I don't believe in it. So, I consider this aspect of Pluto more in terms of massive transition, renewal, or a significant change from one form to another. These drastic changes and metamorphosis' will take place over a long period of time, as this is the nature of the outer planetary orbit (transformation on a generational scale).

Astrologically speaking Pluto is the co ruler of Scorpio and Aries. People with prominent Neptune in their astrological charts will be consummate secret-keepers. These people will also be naturally curious, and always seek to detect deeper meanings to their world.

Pluto is a fitting energy to incorporate into your meditative/ruminative practices if you are seeking out the hidden sides of life. If your study is deeply esoteric, and you require to delve into realms of the psyche where most fear to tread, Pluto will be a worthy companion. Just be mindful and respect the power inherent in these energies.

You can incorporate the Pluto symbol to access its energy, but it's not nearly effective as using stones or plants associated with Pluto. These include black roses, narcissus and the yew. Stones include onyx, bloodstone and black obsidian - a kind of volcanic glass.

Research these stones and plants fully and find their indwelling connections with Pluto. Then utilize these items in your intentions and meditations for your beneficent purposes.

I hope you have enjoyed this page on the Pluto symbol, the god, and the planet (if indeed it is deemed a planet).

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