Wild Boar Meaning

by Amber

Wild Boar Meaning

Wild Boar Meaning

Wild Boar Meaning
Wild Boar Meaning

Hello and brightest blessings! I have a question about wild boar meaning.

I have been reading your site for years, and wanted to begin by thanking you for putting so much useful information in one place. This is my regular go-to point when I want another view point on interpreting dreams, and it has helped me much.

Lately, I have been dreaming of wild boars. I went to go find info for this on your site, and it seems this is an animal not yet included. I know your time is precious so I will keep this brief. The boars I see are a group of males, huge, I can't see over their withers when I stand. Some are covered in mud, some are simply milling about, and when they pass me, they lock eyes with me as they move. I am afraid in the dream, but refuse to move, and they do not harm me- just look at me.

Would you be so kind as to put up some information on your site about wild boar meaning? I feel they are a powerful symbol and that I am not the only one who would benefit from their inclusion in your database.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and again thank you for your site!

Love and Light,

Avia's Response to
"Wild Boar Meaning"

Hello Amber,

Thanks for your contribution to the website, and for your inquiry about the wild boar.

Wild boars are...well...wild! They have few predators, so they have the luxury of living freer than most creatures. They do what they want, when they want.

Of course, there's always somebody on the food chain gunning for somebody else. When wild boars do run into a conflict, they attack with remarkable ferocity. Their tusks are their major defense - jabbing upwards, potentially gouging the juggler of its opponent.

Boars - particularly males - are solitary creatures, preferring the company of themselves rather than hang out in a group. Celtic Druids dubbed themselves "boars" because of their solitary ways, and their propensity to wander in the woods as boars do.

The exception to solo life is with new mothers. Mamma boars stick to their litters to insure they survive their environment. Mother boars are supernatural in the protection department. They'll go absolutely berserker if they detect the slightest hint of threat to their babies.

Boars love with wild abandon and passion. Indeed, the ancient Celts observed the mating behavior of the boar, and deemed it very good. So good, in fact, the boar is a symbol of fertility, virility and strength. The boar was often a symbol of the marriage bed - an auspicious omen insuring a prosperous wedding night that led to healthy offspring (and continuation of the clan).

This brief background on wild boar meaning might help you with your dreams. We can draw parallels with boar behavior to that of the inner workings of the psyche. Here are some ideas:

Wild Boar Meaning in Dreams

  • Solitary
    As boars are primarily lone-ranging creatures, this might imply a time of solitary when dreaming of boars. Depending upon the circumstances of the dream, the boar may be a symbol of needing to isolate oneself from the rest of the world for a time. It may also infer a need to withdraw from social activities in an effort to get in touch with oneself.

  • Protection
    Wild boar meaning is nothing if not about protection. These creatures (especially mamma boars) will fight to the death to protect what is theirs. In a dream, the wild boar might trigger a protective energy within the dreamer. If this is the case, the dreamer should contemplate what he/she feels is being threatened. With a little soul-searching, you can define if there really is a threat, or if the boar showed up just to remind you that you are - indeed - quite well protected, and there is no need to worry. Perhaps the boar itself is a protective totem for you.

  • Mothering
    Part-and-parcel with protection, wild boar meaning is synonymous with good mothering. In dreams, the boar signals the need to nurture, protect, love and care for that which is precious to us. This may not necessarily be our offspring. It could be a project that is "our baby", or our home, or a valuable asset. Consider that which is dear to your heart, and call upon boar energy to lay down some good, primal mothering juju on your behalf. Mothering is about patience, tending, care, and vigilance in seeing something grow to its fullest capacity. The boar can help with that charge.

  • Defense
    Wild boar meaning is most profound when it comes to defense. Indeed, many indigenous cultures adopted the boar as a symbol of war, warriors and mighty courage. There are two sides to the defending coin. One: Defending honor - defending what is right and just. Two: Over-defending, which entails flying off at the handle, being hot headed, and just going "hog wild" for no justifiable reason. Check these two sides of "defense" and see which one applies. Match up these two sides in your dream, and see if you're being honest with yourself (if) your message is about defense.

  • Wild
    There's a reason why boars have the prefix of "wild". They run, romp, love, play and live life at high voltage. Wild boar meaning in dreams might be an encouragement to do the same. So often we all get hung up in conformity, or the day-to-day grind (self included, sometimes). The boar is an excellent reminder that sometimes we just got to get down, get dirty, and kick our heels up with wild abandon.

Well, Amber, I hope these thoughts about wild boar meaning have helped you. I further hope this post helps others who are curious about the symbolic meaning of the boar, or have had dreams about the boar and need illumination.

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Bright Boar Blessings,

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