Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

Seeking Guidance From Astrology When Considering a Move

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Moving is considered one of the most stressful life events that you can go through. Yet, most people move at least once in their lifetime. Based on data from the American Community Survey, each person moves an average of 11.7 times throughout their life. As an attempt to reduce stress, why not try using astrology for relocation guidance?

Whether you’re changing locations for a job, moving out from your parent’s home for the first time, or leaving your current residence for any reason in between, you’ll want to make the process as simple as possible. Choosing a place, packing, transporting items, timing, and interpersonal factors all make for a stressful time. However, you can consult astrological guidance during this time to help alleviate some of this stress. Learn how close observation of the stars, Sun, Moon, and planets can offer insight into aspects of your move, and use these to plan accordingly.

How Astrological Placements Can Affect Your Move

Using Astrology for Relocation Advice
Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

Symbolically, moving is a time for change and, more importantly, growth. If you are spiritually tapped into what a move can teach you, you can use this as an opportunity to learn why you’re experiencing this change and how you can: 

  • Detach from things that no longer serve you — and from things that may feel hard to let go of, like nostalgic spaces;
  • Accept that change is a normal part of life;
  • Appreciate the opportunities that the move can bring you in your personal life, home aesthetics, outdoor environment, or career;
  • Grow and embrace change as a positive thing;
  • Be mindful, stay in the moment, and appreciate the little things about moving, such as finding items that you thought were lost when packing or enjoying a scenic drive to your new destination.

Tapping into how your alignment is affecting your life can allow you to step back and evaluate how you’re living it. This includes your move because you can glean insight from astrology about the timing, location, and emotional aspects of this experience. If you listen to what the universe may be telling you about this move, it can help reduce your stress levels and connect you with the experience on a spiritual level.

Using Astrology To Gain Insights About Your Move

When you’re preparing for a big change such as a move, you likely have particular goals in mind. Unless it’s abrupt, these aspirations are something that you can find yourself ruminating on for quite some time before the move. For example, you may be contemplating whether or not to move for work. You received an offer in a city that is far away from your family and friends, but it pays more and offers opportunities for career growth. You could consult astrology to find out if the timing is aligned with favorable conditions in your chart.

Of course, the decision to take a job opportunity that necessitates a move is ultimately up to you in the end. Using astrology for relocation guidance simply offers extra insight and prompts you to think about aspects of this life-altering decision that you may not have previously considered. The following methods can provide you with this insight if used correctly or with the help of a knowledgeable astrologer.

Planetary Transits

Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

A way to figure out if this is a good idea for your unique situation is to look at the planetary transits occurring during your move. Most astrologists agree that moving during Mercury retrograde might cause problems, so try to avoid moving in the midst of this powerful transit. Otherwise, you may be feeling reservations about shipping your car across the country for a job change, or other stressors involved in your move. You can gain solace from the idea that you can experience more positive outcomes with this transportation because, during your shipment dates, Mercury is not in retrograde.

In the astrological way of thinking, Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation. Since Mercury will not be in retrograde — or appear to move backward from your perspective from Earth — these aspects of your life should be aligned and shipping your vehicle or your belongings will likely work in your favor.

The positions of the planets can tell you a lot about how events will play out in your life. A planetary transit is when any planet passes between you, the observer on Earth, and the Sun. More specific to you, you can compare planetary movements with the natal planets found in your birth chart.

Birth Charts

Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

Your birth chart is unique to you and is derived from the exact time, date, and location of your birth. Then, this information is used to create an intricate map of the positions of celestial bodies at this exact moment. These charts are highly personalized and can serve as a cosmic blueprint for your life. Your birth chart can shine light on your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life path. The way important planets in your chart interact with other planets influences the timeliness of these insights.

When considering how astrology might affect your move to a new home or location, your birth chart can play a significant role. By analyzing the alignment of planets, houses, and signs, astrologers can provide insights into how different environments and geographical locations may resonate with your innate characteristics. For instance, it can reveal whether you may thrive in a bustling city or seek creative inspiration by living near the sea. 

Birth charts can also highlight potential challenges or opportunities tied to specific places, offering valuable guidance for a successful and harmonious relocation that aligns with your astrological predispositions and life goals independent of astrology. While astrology’s influence on a move may not be set in stone, it can certainly serve as a valuable tool for self-awareness and informed decision-making during this time.


Speaking of the location of your move, you can also consult astrocartography maps. These are maps created by locational astrologers. Using information from your birth chart, you can map out places that you are drawn to depending on astrological placements. For example, if your Venus lies close to New York City, you may feel drawn to live in a bustling environment such as this. This can be incredibly helpful if you don’t know where to start when deciding where to move. Using astrology for relocation help with astrocartography can also confirm any gut feelings you may have about a planned move to a new location.

Lunar Phases

Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

The Moon also has the potential to impact the viability of your move. It moves through your astrological placements every few days, affecting your subconscious emotions, instincts, and innate reactions to events in your life. Taking a look at the lunar phase during your moving process can be helpful to gain a clearer understanding of how you’re feeling and why you may be feeling that way. 

A New Moon or Full Moon can be a fantastic time to make a change. These lunar phases represent change and growth. You could time your move to happen during one of these phases, setting your intention to start a new chapter and resolve anything that you are leaving behind. 

Moving Forward Celestially

Using Astrology for Relocation Advice

The incredibly stressful and often emotional time when you move to a new residence is hard to grapple with, but you don’t have to struggle. Using astrology for relocation help can be a revolutionary way to secure a more smooth, stress-free move. Reach out to your support system, an astrologer, online astrology communities, or even just some astrological resources. This way, you can tap into the deeper meaning of your relocation and find some peace in the middle of the moving chaos.

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