Flower Meanings - Foxglove

Flower Meanings Foxglove

Flower Meanings - Foxglove

A dear friend and I brought a foxglove home. We just bought it because it was cool looking. Little did we know the thing was utterly enchanting. And I mean that on many levels. Firstly, it was intoxicating for bees. This is big juju in my book, because I believe bees are a sign of productivity, teamwork, and successful projects. Given my mindset, imagine how thrilled I was to see the foxglove enticing all those lovely bees, and reminding me of good connections/success! Rock on!

The foxglove was also enchanting for its sheer beauty. I sat on the front porch admiring the thing for hours. It just captured my attention, and held me spellbound. I mean, it's an impressive flower system, and I just couldn't take my eyes off it.

Flower meanings aren't just about the flower - they're also about the energy they attract. The bees were awesome, but when I saw the hummingbirds flock to the foxglove, I was over the moon with excitement! Hummingbirds remind me of my energy, and they also encourage productivity. That summer had me producing a lot of new articles for this website. I believe I have foxglove to thank for that. Why? Because of her charm. She lured in bees, hummingbirds, and good energy. She made it easier for me to give, produce, connect and be engaged.

So, I did some research into the flower meanings of foxglove. I read a lot of sources. I love Ted Andrews. His book, Nature Speak describes the foxglove as a kind of magnet for fairies. Andrews' even refers to this plant as a "Faerie Lantern". So cool! Maybe the fairy connection is true. I don't know. But I wouldn't be surprised. The plant itself seems rather magical and imbued with fairy dust to me. Was it foxglove fairies that got my rear in gear, and helped me write dozens of new articles on the website that summer? Not sure. But I'd like to think so. :)

Flower Meanings Foxglove

Flower Meanings - Keywords for Foxglove

  • Pride
  • Magic
  • Energy
  • Intuition
  • Ambition
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Productivity
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

We can gain more flower meanings from the foxglove by observing its physical makeup. For example, it's a very erect plant. Its flowers move skyward in a proud up-shoot. It's as if the foxglove must be noticed, and it will reach the highest of heights to be seen, loved and appreciated. We as humans can relate to that. We all have loveliness we'd like to show the world. Maybe it's the stuff we're most proud of like our kids or our accomplishments. Foxglove reminds us that it is totally OK to raise our goodies high for inspection. When it comes to good work, and grand achievement - we don't have to be modest. Take a look at a foxglove in bloom. Does it look modest? Me thinks not! So raise up your successes. Lift up your achievements. Receive righteous praise for good work done!

Flower Meanings - Foxglove Guidance

Here are a few scenarios in which the foxglove can be quite handy...
  • Boosting confidence in times of insecurity
  • Being okay with boasting about our accomplishments
  • Enhancing group projects and promoting productivity
  • Getting a growth spurt in our imagination leading to new ideas
  • Bringing ourselves back to a childlike innocence and appreciating simple moments
Flower Meanings Foxglove

Lean on foxglove when you're feeling blue. It will energize you. Contemplate foxglove when your group projects go sour - its energy will heal rifts and unify your team. Meditate with foxglove when you need a reminder of how glorious you are. Stand tall. Be proud. You are amazing - and foxglove is a reflection of your magnificence.

As always, thank you for reading.

May all your foxglove encounters be bolstering and bright.

Foxglove Love,


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