Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams

flowers and their meanings in dreams

Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams

What does it mean when we dream of flowers? It could mean a broad range of complex things. Or, it could be as simple as craving spring in the middle of winter. So how do we know? How do we interpret?

It all boils down to individual perspective. What you're going through in your life at the moment of your flower dream will have bearing on what that bloom means to you. As I've often said, no dream is common. That's because no human is common. We all have our own views, experiences and ideas. In short, flowers and their meanings in dreams will express something different to you than me or anyone else.

This is a challenge when I write articles about dream meanings like this. It's tough to dig down to the roots (pardon the pun) of a meaning, because everybody's experience is different. So, it all boils down to comparing your personal life with the dream. In other words, interpreting flower dreams (or any kind of dream for that matter) demands self-inspection. We've got to sift through our lives and ask: "What does this mean for ME?" ...not John, not Jane...but ME. It takes a little introspection. It takes a little effort. But I assure you, investigating how dreaming of flowers

Having said all that, I'm a sucker for sharing as much insight as possible. Even though each dream meaning is unique, there are some core similarities to all of us.

For example, there are some flower meanings that are ubiquitous...meaning, they're universal, that stand (pretty much) true for everyone. Here are some keywords for dreaming of flowers that hold true across the board:

flowers and their meanings in dreams

Key Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams

  • Joy
  • Life
  • Hope
  • Timing
  • Beauty
  • Healing
  • Growth
  • Memory
  • Promise
  • Wisdom
  • Friendship
  • Connection

In an effort to help you interpret your dream according to your personal needs, here is an elaboration of a few of these common keywords. I figured if I expanded a bit on these core meanings, it might help to sort through them and apply them to your dreams.

No matter what kind of flower you've dreamed of, consider the core essence of that bloom. Most, if not all flowers are quite lovely. Therefore, beauty is a core meaning for flower dreams. Oh, pretty, pretty petals! Big deal, right? Well, it is a big deal when you tie the theme of beauty together between your dreaming and waking life. In this example, the idea of beauty in a flower dream might ask questions like:

  • What areas in my life lack beauty? How can I beautify them?

  • Am I appreciating the beauty around me? Am I grateful for simple beauty everywhere?

  • What is blinding me to seeing beauty all around me? How can I pay more attention to it?

Flowers and their meanings in dreams (or otherwise) almost always deal with memory. This is especially true if the flowers your dreaming of carry a scent in the waking realm. Why? Because the olfactory system (that part of our sensory faculties that deal with scent) are keyed into memory. Think on it. Have you ever come across a scent that transported you to a specific time in your past? Grandma's apple pie. The icky stench of gym socks. Pungent pine. You get the idea. For most human brains, smell is as good as a time machine. So, when interpreting your dream, consider the concept of scent and memory. Maybe your flower dream might ask questions like:

  • What is it about my past that needs revisiting? Why? Forgiveness? Healing? Appreciation?

  • Do I often go back to specific events in my memory? Why? Is it pleasurable or painful? Why?

  • Is there something or someone in my memory that needs to be honored? Why? How can I do that?
flowers and their meanings in dreams

On the surface, this might be a no-brainer. Perhaps the biggest key point to flowers and their meanings in dreams is life. They are a constant reminder of survival, and the continuation of life. In spite of the harshest winters, flowers come back. They demand to live. They demand growth. They'll even start popping up under a blanket of snow (in the case of bulbs). A flower is the poster child for: "Keep calm and grow on." Here are a few questions a flower dream might ask in regards to life and growth:

  • Am I reaching for the things I need to help me grow?

  • Do I feel my growth is stunted? Why? How can I counteract that?

  • How can I nourish myself and my environment to encourage new growth?

You can shout at a bloom until your blue in the face. It ain't gonna blossom until it's good and ready. Flowers are going to do their thing under eight feet of snow. They aren't going to unfurl their brilliance until the time is just right. That's a big lesson for us all. I don't know about you, but this is a huge life-lesson for me. I have a tendency to 'Hulk smash' at life, rather than go with divine timing. Oopsie. My bad. But I'm learning. Learning to understand all things have a season - just like flowers. Flowers and their meanings in dreams are lovely illustrations of waiting for the right time. We all go through peaks and valleys. Flowers remind us that we can bloom our brightest when we are patient, attentive and ready when the right times comes for our debut. Some questions flower dreams might ask on this point might be:

  • Am I willing to accept that, like flowers, there is divine, natural timing for all things?

  • Am I managing my time correctly? Am I trying to develop a project or an idea at a bad time?

  • What's the rush? Can I surrender to perfect timing, and just let things happen as they're meant to?

Final Thoughts on Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams

What about the other key points listed in this article about flowers and their meanings in dreams? What about love, friendship, promise? Hopefully this Q&A on the points I laid out might offer a solid tool in applying these other key points. Heck, I'd recommend going down the whole key list of common meanings for flowers and asking similar questions of each. Keep asking until you have a 'bingo bloom' moment. That moment in which you say "yeah, that's it! That's what my flower dream means to me!".

In the end, it's your flower, your dream, your life. As much as I sometimes wish I could say "Poof! Your dream means this, and you should do this."...I simply can't. In the precious words of the Talmud, "An uninterrupted dream is like an unread letter." What's in your letter? It could be phenomenal news. It could be an important message. To be sure, our dreams contain vital information. Left uninterrupted, we're never going to get the download.

As always, thanks for reading!

Sweet flower dreams to you all,


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