Ladybug love symbolism

Ladybug Love Symbolism

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Ladybug Love Symbolism and Meaning

A Question About Ladybug Love Symbolism

The following article is based on a question someone sent me about the ladybug. He knew the ladybug was a happy sign, but also wanted to know if the ladybug was a symbol for love.

Short answer: Yes, the ladybug is a sign and symbol of love. I go further into this with the long answer later into the article. Here is the email I got from Mike in Canada…

“Hi Avia. My closest friend and I were talking about boyfriend. I was admittedly saddened because I had once been her boyfriend and I was not over her yet.

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A Question About Ladybug Love Symbolism

During our talk, we were walking and she noticed twice that ladybugs were at our feet, and when she tried to have one go on her hand, it refused and tried to avoid her.

However, when I placed my had close to it, it immediately went on my hand.

This was at least a month ago, but today another occurrence happened with a lady bug. While I was in my car at a stop sign, a ladybug came to the hood of my car. I saw it land, and as if we had made eye contact, it left feeling like it had given it’s private message.

Though I’ve read the animal symbolism’s for a ladybug, I don’t quite understand the exact nature of these meetings. The only thing I know for certain is that it was a very positive message. Do you have more insight to this? Thank you.”

ladybug love symbolism
Avia answers about ladybug love symbolism

Avia’s Response to
“Ladybug Love Symbolism”

Hello Mike,

Firstly, I want to recognize (and commend) your level of sensitivity. It takes a special soul to pick up on the subtle cues and messages of Nature, especially from the tiniest insect realms.

There is an ancient Chinese legend that links the ladybug with love. The story goes that when a ladybug comes to call, it is a sign that true love will also pay us a visit. Further renditions of the legend state the number of spots on the ladybug indicate the amount of months that will pass until we are united with our true love.

I love myth and legends, but I don’t subscribe to hanging all of our hopes on them.

Rather, I look within (the soul, heart, mind, etc) and see how my inner impulses relate to the symbolic phenomenon occurring in my life (such as a visitation from a ladybug).

I also love the presence of color in nature, and often link chakra meanings(chakras are energy centers in the body and presented to us by ancient Hindu wisdom) to colors that come to me in visitations.

ladybug love symbolism
About ladybug love symbolism

For example, the ladybug (to me) is a symbol of passion, ardor, adoration, amorousness because of its color, red. According to chakra wisdom, red is associated with the Muladhara charka (the root chakra) which deals with passion, desire, primal urge and even sex. There are other subtle layers to this chakra and its color, but it always triggers the feeling of a passionate fire kindling within.

Hence, when a ladybug comes to call, I always sense its a message of connecting with my passion, connecting with a love that ignites my whole being. Very auspicious, and a very positive connection.

Does this mean the ladybug is a symbol of you united with your friend in a love relationship?

Rather than go there, I want to say the ladybug in your case is absolutely a message of love. I also want to say that love comes in countless forms. Your ladybug could be a reminder to you to keep your heart open, and remain in a loving state in order to connect with your true love (whether that be your friend, some other lucky person equally suited for you at this time, or even a love for work, hobby or reconnecting with family).

The details of your ladybug message will be left up to you to work out. But I can confirm the ladybug as an auspicious (positive) messenger of love.

Furthermore, I’m convinced the ladybug would not have come to you if you were not emitting an energy of love to begin with (they sense our energy levels, and are attracted to that “red” kind of vibe).

So…keep your heart in a loving state, and in response to that state, know that love shall always fly to you and land within your heart.

Hope this helps you Mike, and I hope this response helps other people with similar situations.


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