Symbolic Meaning of the White Buck

symbolic meaning of the white buck

Wisdom and Symbolic Meaning of the White Buck

As you might guess, the symbolic meaning of the white buck deals with themes of wonder, mystery and magic. White deer and white bucks are a rare sight. Their pigment is an anomaly, which means they don’t show up very often in nature. When they do, the white buck has a very symbolic message for us. Learn more here.

Often, I get emails with questions about symbolic meanings. This article about the symbolic meaning of the white buck comes from one such inquiry.

Ben from Canada asked sent this question to me: “All of my life I have had a deep respect, & reverence for all creatures, including plants, bodies of water, & the like. Though I am not Native American, I was born to the Navajo Bear Clan, because my Father worked with ‘The Windtalkers during World War Two.

Over the past 6 weeks when I go for hikes, I often encounter an Albino buck. He is Stunning, & shows no fear of me, &/or my dogs. Do you have any ideas WHAT this may indicate? MANY THANKS!”

Avia’s response to Ben’s question about the meaning of the white buck:

What a powerful experience! Love your story, and thank you for sharing it. I’ve read about the Wind Talkers of WWII, and found it utterly fascinating. To be an honorary member of the Bear Clan speaks volumes about your dad’s integrity. Very cool.

It’s true, Native Americans and Aborigines tend to have a deep connection with Nature. It has to do with philosophies and connection they’ve experienced with the Earth since their existence. Most of modern society has drifted away from that connection, but that doesn’t mean we can’t re-connect.

You are a great example of re-weaving the threads that bind us all to Nature. I believe communion with Nature is as simple as keeping consistent awareness of Her ways, being present, and extending devotion to all Nature – which is nothing short of a miracle.

“So you’re a little weird? Work it! A little different?

OWN it!

Better to be weird or a nerd than one of the herd!”

~Mandy Hale

Symbolic Meaning of the Buck (Stag) – The Highlights

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Nobility
  • Sensitivity
  • Perception
  • Protection
  • Awareness
  • Masculinity

In Chinese lore, the buck is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

In Celtic legend, the symbolic meaning of the buck deals with the warrior archetype. It makes sense. Seeing a stag all racked out is quite an impressive sight. Not to mention their sheer power. Celts also associated the buck with fertility. We see this most evident in the stag horns illustrated upon Cernunnos’ head (a Celtic fertility god).

In Christian iconography, the stag/buck is a representative of aspiring to be closer to God. It is a symbol of thirsting for purity (this plays into the color white, too) and union with the Holy Spirit. The stag is also a symbol of solitude and going within to connect with spiritual wisdom.

In European art, we often see a buck/stag trampling a serpent. There are also pieces of art featuring the buck warring with a dragon. In both cases, the symbolic meaning of the buck deals with victory over darkness. These iconic artwork’s symbolize the struggle between good and evil. The buck, essentially is the victor, and symbolic of rising above compulsion, and primal urges.

All of this symbolism about the buck is intensified by the color white. A white buck is all of its symbolism on steroids. Why? Because white is a massively profound color in symbolism.

Symbolic Meaning White in Bucks and other Animals in Nature

  • Purity
  • Vision
  • Clarity
  • Virginal
  • Renewal
  • Cleansing
  • Spirituality

The color white is essentially (symbolically) the color of light. This implies the presence of white (light) eradicates the dark. Take this a step further, and we could say white triumphs over evil, negative thought, and errant behavior.

I would encourage you to combine your insights about the buck with the color white. Work through these meanings, and your own. Bind them both (white and buck) and I’m betting you’ll come up with a symbolic dialogue that will be quite meaningful for you.

Speaking of meaning….I mentioned picking highlights from your environment, and your mental state at the time of meeting the buck. Once you’ve formulated a solid symbolic foundation of the white buck, include these other two elements. Where do you see the deer? What’s the environment like? What does it mean to you? For example, if there are a bunch of trees…this might underscore the symbolism of strength, as well as growth. Trees are also a symbol of aspiration, as the aspire to reach higher into the skies.

Your mental state upon encounter with the white buck is key too. What are you thinking when this noble beast visits you? Your thoughts and attitude exude an energy. I’m of the mindset, that our animal kin (perhaps better than humans) can pick up on our energy. Their visitations are dependent upon energetic state. I’ll go a step further and say we are mirrors to our animal family. If we exude power, energy, gratitude, then we will attract animal energies of the same ilk.

Ben, I hope this summary on the symbolic meaning of the white buck proves helpful on your symbolic journey. I’m going to include a few supportive links that might also be helpful in your contemplations about the white buck.

A final note…white stags are a rare thing to behold. Encountering this magnificent creature on several occasions says a lot about how special and rare you are too. Rock on! 🙂


Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of the White Buck

Wow and wonder!
The white buck and white deer are a rare sight. There are many myths and legends that state seeing a white buck or deer is a sign of big magic, and wonderful things to come. If you see a white buck in nature, you are considered blessed and very lucky in life.

Survive and thrive.
For many reasons, a white buck doesn’t have a fair shake in life. Their lives might be cut short by hunters looking for a coveted trophy. Being a white creature in the wild is rough. It’s hard to blend in, and nature has a tendency to be tough on albinos. If a buck is white due to old age – it is a massive testimony to its skill at survival. Symbolically, a white buck is a reminder that even if we are different – we CAN and MUST survive all the odds against us!

Cleansing and renewal.
In many cultures, including Native American and Celts, the white stag is a symbol of spiritual renewal. Christian art during the Renaissance featured a white deer as a symbol of salvation and spiritual cleansing.

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