November Astrology Horoscopes

November Astrology Insights

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November astrology implies big-time energetic turning points. As we begin the month, we are under the most powerful retrograde influence. Mars is moving backward in the sky of Gemini, so the overall vibe of November is great for deep introspection.

November Astrology Background

Instead of being action-driven, it’s time to analyze our desires deeply and patiently. You might also take a look at your tech because cyber security concerns will be at an all-time high since communication and information fall under Gemini rules. So watch what you click on, and be weary of links or messages from untrustworthy sources.

One of the other influences you should be mindful of is Jupiter’s new placement in Pisces, which belongs to its traditional domain. While still retrograde (more about below), it’s now watery, expansive presence will help to fight some of the fires we are certain to experience soon. After all, we’re in Scorpio, Sagittarius, and eclipse season; intense endings are bound to happen when the forces at play are fully experienced!

The End of the Saturn-Uranus Square

This is the last time this specific Saturn-Uranus Square takes place this year. On October 22, Saturn finished its five-month-long retrograde. It was almost exactly square Uranus at that time. Now that Saturn is moving in a direct orbit again, it’s about to put the finishing touches on this change-inducing conflict. On December 3, Saturn will start transiting the third decan of Aquarius.

A lot of tension has been experienced by fixed signs, such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If you have any planets located in the middle to late degrees of these areas, hang on tight—because you’re almost there! This is your friendly reminder that resistance to change isn’t a good strategy. Instead, this is the time to surrender and release control. Take a risk and make a move before events force you to make choices.

Astro Influences of the Eclipse in November

November Astrology Horoscopes

November astrology brings a level of intensity that rivals the other months of the year. Some astrologers predict that November’s astrology will be intense and challenging because of the Taurus total lunar eclipse. November’s astrology is replete with unanticipated transitions. Much of this is to do with Taurus lunar eclipse, which conjures up inquiries about our progress in life at this time.

On this powerful eclipse, the moon will be in Taurus as Uranus and the Lunar North Node are positioned in opposition to the Venus, Mercury the Sun, and the Lunar South Node. And with Saturn forming a T-square from Aquarius. That means we may see big, loud and impactful endings, which can impact anyone who has been struggling with an issue for a long time. These endings will force some changes that you may not have been expecting.

Astronomers believe that eclipses have been tied to big-time shifts around the globe.  As such, we can likely expect major world events to happen at this time. It’s the imminent change astrologers have been talking about: tearing down foundations and making room for more freedom and authenticity.

About the Grand Water Trine in November

The universe works in mysterious ways, and there are times when it can be hard to make sense of things. But, there will soon be a powerful Grand Water Trine in the sky that will help everything come full circle. The Scorpio planets (Venus, Mercury, sun), with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, will create deep healing for you at a time when you’ve needed it most.

November 6th and 21st will see big action with the Grand Water Trine. If we focus on the positives, this Scorpio and eclipse season will ultimately help heal the pains of what came before. After the shock abates, the healing can begin as Mercury and Venus move into Sagittarius later in November.

Sagittarius Season Gets Rolling

November Astrology Horoscopes

Sagittarius season never disappoints, and this year will be no exception. Venus enters Sagittarius on November 15. Mercury steps onto the scene the on November 16th. All this to say, when Mercury and Venus unite, the result is a major boost in artistic expression and creativity. Therefore, you’ll start to see anything that may have been destroyed at the eclipse becoming more stabilized and reconstructed. You may also find yourself with a swell of new hope and optimism during this time. Take note of November 20 as a date to pay attention to what is being created now.

The Sagittarius season begins on November 22nd, when the Sun passes into Sagittarius at 12:12 am. Western Standard Time. The Scorpio energy will dissipate, and eclipse season is officially over. However, during the Sagittarius season there may be a fresh and unique set of challenges that we might face. The Sagittarius planets will sit opposite during the Mars-Gemini retrograde during this time.  Therefore, we must ensure that we are aware of our thoughts, question our motives before taking action, and clearly understand what we want to manifest. In other words, let your vision guide you and try not to take action outside of your core directives.

High Chances for Renewed Good Fortune

Have you ever said “Good Luck Returns”?

November will end on a high note with the arrival of Sagittarius’ new moon. This lunar event happens at 1 degree Sagittarius and will mark a significant change in your life. Jupiter, the ruler of this new moon, is extra charged after its five-month retrograde period and will form an out-of-sign trine with the luminaries. Doors will open for you and new paths will be created during this time.

It’s not yet time to begin new relationships or new projects, thanks to Mars in retrograde, but it is a great time to start new thoughts. Jupiter will remain direct in Pisces until December 20th. It will be the strongest planet in the sky until then. Jupiter brings with it a sense of spirituality, so we should put aside any material desires and worries for this period in order to focus on our spiritual needs. This is what we need as we prepare to wrap up a year full of massive changes.

November Astrology at a Glance

November Astrology Horoscopes

November is a time of many astrological events and transits. Lining up your tasks and plans with the right cosmic energy influences is an easy way to get a quick burst of energy. When you do right by people and live your life in a positive way, it might pay off.

Here are the key, essential dates for November, including dates for full moons and other planetary transits. They have a big impact on your life and the seasons and cycles of your professional projects.

Tuesday, November 8th – Full Moon in Taurus

The energy of 2022 is going to be focused on finishing tasks and jobs that you’ve been putting off for some time. You’ll have a determination and stubborn insistence on getting the task completed, so you can strike that chore off your to-do list.

Taking time to enjoy the pleasures of life is important. On Wednesday, March 20th, the full moon will be present, which makes this a perfect day to indulge! Whether it’s food, drinks, socializing with your friends and loved ones or listening to your favorite music – this full moon will make you feel like celebrating.

Monday, November 16th – Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a flirt, so they like to talk to people. Sagittarius loves making new friends or potential lovers at every turn.

Let’s raise our chances at meeting new people and creating sparks this Venus in Sagittarius season. Be open to conversations, go with the flow, and see where these new tactics lead you.

Thursday, November 17th – Mercury Transit

Thursday, November 17th, Mercury will transit from Gemini to Sagittarius.

With Mercury being in Sagittarius, now is a perfect time to be free and easy. Travel and plan major outings–it’s the perfect time of year!

Sagittarius goes in without any filter or hesitation. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. This transit will bring conversations like this. Prepare for it by being mentally ready and rehearsing tricky conversations ahead of time.

The Sagittarius Season Starts Tuesday, November 22nd

All that’s great about the Sagittarius sign (and there is plenty) comes to the forefront.

You can find better ways to de-stress than staying at home this month. Here are some great options: play, have adventures, make friends, try new activities or hobbies, take a class, start a course, learn about philosophy (especially around nature and animals), or start a journal.

Wednesday, November 23rd – New Moon in Sag

This New Moon, resist the temptation to be boring. Mix things up with a little magic and creative play. Make life more exciting in small and simple ways.

It’s important to schedule a variety of activities in your life. Having a different dinner theme each week, practicing gratitude in the morning, a special dinner once a week, movie nights, games nights, star gazing, camping in the backyard, or simply taking a walk in the woods can truly make your life start to feel magical.

Jupiter Goes Direct on Wednesday, November 23rd

Jupiter has been in retrograde for a long time, which is blocking its positive energy. Once it turns direct, the abundant and fortunate opportunities will start flowing back into your life. Expect a major turnaround this transition will forge better changes in your life.

Conclusion on November Astrology

As you can see, there are a lot of things happy in autumn astrology this month. Some changes will be awesome and some might prompt us to duck (or at least prepare for shaky moments). I hope you enjoyed these insights on November astrology. As always, thanks for reading! (WYS) is a trusted Etsy affiliate & Amazon Associate. We also promote certain products we've tested and approved. As such, the website features sponsored products for Amazon or Etsy or other afiliates. Should you make a purchase from a link on this website, WYS may receive a small commission. This website also hosts advertisements. Please see our policy page for further information. Thank you for your purchases, as it contributes to keeping this website online and running.