Animals In Dreams and Interpreting Dreams with Animals

Animals In Dreams

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Interpreting Animals in Dreams: Animals in dreams can be extremely helpful in gaining insight into ourselves and giving us glimpses into our deeper psyche. Animal dreams deal with strong emotion and are usually indicative of “prime root” issues in our lives.

Animals In Dreams – What It Really Means

Animals in dreams signify our basic instincts, our deepest emotions. They appeal to our deepest desire to be wild and free. When investigating our animals in dreams, it is important to recall as many aspects of the dream as possible.

“Dreaming or awake, we perceive only events that have meaning to us.”
Learn more about Interpreting Animals in Dreams here.
~Jane Roberts

dream meanings: interpreting animal meanings in dreams
Dream meanings: interpreting animal meanings in dreams

Ideas About the Meaning of Animals in Dreams

Here are somethings to keep in mind as you consider your animals in dreams:

  • Is this a wild animal or tame?
  • Is the animal neglected or healthy?
  • What is the environment of the animal?
  • Are you interacting with the animal, or viewing from a distance?
  • From which of the four directions does the animal come?
  • How is the animal moving? Away from you or towards you? Fast or slow?

All of these factors play a part in determining the meaning of your dream animal.

Animal Communication in Dreams

Animals in dreams are strong communicators. When they make the effort to surface in our dreams, it is our responsibility to discover what message they are trying to communicate to us.

I recommend keeping a dream journal. When dream animals come to you, record as much of these dreams as you can remember. Set intentions before sleeping that you will remember your dreams, and also set intentions to receive animal messengers in your dreams. After journaling, set aside some quiet time to contemplate your dream animals. Meditate upon them. They will come, and their messages will be profound.

“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment,
when you are between asleep and awake,
when you don’t know the difference
between reality and fantasy,
when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul
that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”
~James Arthur Baldwin

Below are some common dream animals and their meanings. As always, the ultimate meaning of an animal in your dream depends upon you. By paying attention to certain dream details (like the ones listed above), and taking time to communicate with your dream animal, the meanings will become more personal and clear to you.

Common Animals in Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreaming of Ants

Ants may symbolize that something is “bugging” or irritating you. If they are crawling on your body, this could mean you have unfinished business that you need to tend to. Ants also represent hard work and community. If you are dreaming of an anthill, it indicates you have a strong circle of family and friends who support your endeavors. Dreaming of ants may be a tale-tell sign it’s time to dig out of your excuses and make that goal or dream into a reality. Ants in dreams remind you that the smallest steps and efforts can go a long way to success. Sometimes it’s the tiny things that create big results.

Dreaming of Bears

Bears are symbols of calm, stoic strength. Bears also indicate a time of introspection. If you are dreaming of a bear sleeping or hibernating, this is a message to do a little soul searching before you present an idea to the world. If a bear is chasing you, this means you are avoiding a big issue in your life, and it is time to deal with it. If the bear is standing up, this is a sign you need to defend your beliefs. Dreaming of bears sometimes indicates you are aware of your power, but sometimes you hide it from others. In this case, the bear in your dream might be encouraging you to recognize your power. Don’t wait until you’re poked one too many times to show your ferocity. Rather, express your influence and move forward through the forest that might be blocking you from living a full life. More bear symbolism here.

Dreaming of Bees

Bees in dreams indicate a buzzing network of communication. They may also point our attention to ideas that are pollinating successfully in our lives. Bees are all about industry (getting busy), especially in an environment that requires teamwork in order for a goal to be met. Dreaming of bees may indicate an upcoming business opportunity, new partnerships, and/or focusing on reaching out to people for help in accomplishing goals Click here to find out more about the meaning of bees in your dreams.

Dreaming of Cats

Cats in dreams represent feminine power. Cats also deal with esoteric knowledge, and spiritual guardianship. Dreaming of cats often prompts a look into our shadow selves…those veiled areas in our personality that hold magic, wonder and total potential. It can be a spooky place because of the unknowns, but the cat is savvy with dark places, and will guide you as you deeply explore your inner psyche. White cats represent hightened spiritual awareness. Black cats signify hidden secrets or hidden powers within the dreamer. Wild cats encourage us to exercise our will power more. Tame cats indicate needing a place of comfort and security in our lives. See cat symbolism here.

Dreaming of Dogs

As you might guess, dogs in dreams deal with friendship and loyalty. Hearing dogs bark in your dream may represent damaging gossip in your life. Being bitten by a dog in a dream indicates you may be dealing with a guilty conscience. The dog is also a dream symbol for instict so if you’re dreaming of dogs – you may want to follow your gut instinct in making decisions in waking hours. Being attacked by a dog may suggests you may be acting too much on impulse – think before you act. If you are being led by a dog in your dream, it suggests you are comfortable with yourself and/or you are in a good place to move forward with your plans. More about Dog Symbolism here.

Dreaming of Elephants

Animals in dreams such as elephants come into our dreams it is a message that we are able to deal with any obstacle we are faced with at this time. Dream elephants represent power, sovereignty, stability, and stead-fastness. If you dream that you are riding an elephant this may suggests you have a tendancy to be the leader of the family, and others heavily depend on you. If you dream of elephants in a circus this suggests you have a cavalier attitude about a situation in your life and you may want to invest more attention to it. The old adage ‘the elephant in the room’ is as true in dreams as in waking hours. Sometimes, dreaming of elephants is a call to pay attention to something obvious in your life. See more elephant symbolism here.

Dreaming of Frogs

Animals in dreams such as frogs represent blessings, love, and prosperity. If you dream of holding a frog in your hands, it suggests your fondest wish may come true. Dream frogs also symbolize spiritual and emotional transformation. If you hear frogs croaking in your dreams, it is a call to learn more about spiritual matters. If the frog in your dreams is in the water, this suggests you are going through some emotional turmoil but you have the ability to see your way out of it. Frogs in dreams are also symbolic of grabbing resources in unconventional ways. The frog reminds you that: Just because your method for obtaining a goal is unusual – that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work. See Frog symbolism here.

animals in dreams - dreaming of animals
Animals in dreams – dreaming of animals

Final Thoughts on Interpreting Your Animals in Dreams

As always, thank you for exploring these dynamic realms of dream meanings and dream interpretation. The information here on this article has been culled from various resources. I’ve taken a lot of time reading about dream interpretation (here are some resources) and how we can approach dreams as guidance for our waking lives. I’ve also spent countless hours listening to tons of folks tell me their dreams. Through much consideration and contemplation, these dream meanings were born. All that to say – if you have a specific view of what your animals in dreams mean – then please – go with what you know!. In the end, just like beauty…dreams (and their meanings) are in the eye of the beholder. Please don’t take my word as the final truth about dream meanings (or anybody else’s for that matter). Ultimately, the only interpretation of a dream that’s useful is the one that’s yours.

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through these symbolic animals, animals in dreams, and all their wonderful dream meanings. For similar articles, be sure to check out the links on this page. Thanks for reading, and keep dreaming!

May all your animals in dreams offer you wicked-awesome insight.

Mighty brightly,

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More Dream Animal Meanings

Dreams and animals go together like traffic and weather. Animals in dreams help us gain insight and personal wisdom. Animals are pure, switched-on energy. They have no ulterior motive. So animal dreams are some of the purest messages we can receive. Get more on Interpreting Animals In Dreams here.

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Even More Dream Meanings With Animals

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