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Symbolic Love Stones

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All About Symbolic Love Stones: There are specific stones that represent devotion, faithfulness, and love. Certain stones have an energetic vibration that resonates with the essence of passion and attraction. This article offers a few stones that are symbolic of love and devotion – including diamond meaning! Enjoy!

About Love Stones

—Ah, love. Such an ephemeral thing. Intangible, yet profoundly felt. There are oodles of symbols for love. From the animal world to the plant world – humans have assigned the properties of passion and love all over the place in Nature. No stone goes unturned in the realm of affection either.

This article explores a few popular stones that specifically represent love, and why. These love stones gain their meaning of love via legend, lore as well as physical properties that jive with tender tendencies.

This page is written with the goal to attract all the positive qualities of love into our life experience. Now, there are tons of ways to do this…with or without love stones. -Like having an attitude of gratitude. This is a sure-fire way to attract love in our lives. In fact, being grateful is one of the most elegant expressions of love. Honing our attention upon things that represent love is another great way to attract more of it. The idea here is universal law: What we focus upon, is inevitably magnetized and increased in our reality.

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These are great ways to encourage the presence of love in our lives. But it’s all head and heart stuff. Sometimes it’s helpful to have touchy-feely things that represent an idea to really get a concrete intention rolling. Keeping our hearts and minds focused on the ideas of love is paramount to attracting it…but it also doesn’t hurt to have a love stone to solidify these concepts.

Love Stones
Symbolic Love Stones

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.”

~ Cher

What to Do With Love Stones

So what to do with your love stones? Lots of things. What’s cool about stones of any kind is that they’re like little batteries. They store energy and also radiate energy. The more we come in contact with a stone – the more “charged” it becomes, and the more energy we receive from it.

With this in mind, it’s best to keep your love stones nearby for maximum symbolic expression. Wear love stones as rings. Keep them in your pocket. Wear them as a necklace. Put them in your wallet. You get the idea. As you come in contact with your love stones, make a conscious nod to their effects and the results of love stored inside the stone. Attention to the properties of the love stone is a non-verbal message, like a love language, that goes out into your environment. This attention and connection with the stone send a message like: “Love is with me, love is in me, love is my rock and foundation.”

Now, am I saying if you wear these love stones, then the love of your life will magically appear? Nope. But I am saying everything in Nature speaks a symbolic language. That includes rocks and stones for relationships. By knowing the properties of certain love stones, then we, in essence, become ‘bi-lingual’. This means we can speak in a loving tongue – literally – as well as symbolically.

“To admire a diamond is to admire yourself.
We are all made of star stuff, like minerals.
So in essence, you see yourself in the things you love and appreciate.”


Top Three Love Stones Common Gemstones With Symbolic Meanings of Love

Listed below are a few stones that symbolize love. Included are their affiliated colors, properties, mythology, and motto. These key points are good to know as a foundation for the stone’s symbolic meaning. I explain more for each stone entry. The motto is a nice verbal offering that sort of charges the stone with your intention.

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Amethyst love stone meaning
Amethyst love stone meaning


An amethyst is a quartz with large crystals. It ranges from deep to light purple. Some forms offer such a rich purple it almost looks black. White and translucence is also present in these love stones. Purple is the color of royalty. A dark purple like indigo resonates with the third eye, which deals with psychic perception. The lighter tones of purple amethyst resonate with crown chakra energy, which deals with unconditional love and emotional awakening.

White and transparency is symbolic of healing, cleansing and emotional clarity. These colors embrace the concept of both love and healing. Purples are like a royal robe of love embracing you. Amethyst colors harmonize with the heart and help tune into compassion, understanding and unconditional love.

Legends and Lore Behind Amethyst Love Stones

Amethyst is a sacred stone to the love goddess, Venus. Its association with Venus makes these love stones conducive to attracting affection, enhancing sensuality and appreciating beauty in everything. Venus and amethyst also boost personal creativity and imagination. The stone, like Venus, is delicate and elegant. In turn, wearing amethyst will augur these qualities in us, as well as invoke sensual Venus in our lives.

Amethyst is also associated with the goddess Diana. She is a feminine goddess, a hunter and also a protector. Specifically, Diana protects children and animals. Unlike Venus, whose energy is sultry, sensual and passionate – Diana represents a protective, chaste, healing kind of love. She is the defender of the defenseless and the spokeswoman of love for those who do not have a voice of their own. The amethyst also has these qualities. When worn, amethyst stimulates compassion, healing and protection.

St. Valentine, the patron saint commonly associated with love and marriage is associated with amethyst too. The Saint Valentine we often connect with February 14th (Valentine’s Day) was made a saint on the same day. He’s also the patron saint of beekeeping and called upon to heal afflictions such as epilepsy. He’s linked with amethyst through a charm called St. Valentine’s Key. It was typically a silver key often adorned with an amethyst or diamond inset. The key was given as a token of love and healing. The charm was said to unlock the heart of any who wore it or gave it.

Amethyst Motto

Every facet of me is a reflection of love and healing.

Diamond love stone meaning
Diamond love stone meaning

Diamond Love Stones

The most commonly known color of diamonds is clear. In fact, a diamond is considered ‘perfect’ if it lacks any color at all. Certain so-called flaws in the gemstone’s environment can give diamonds different hues, like pink or blue. The perfect clarity of an “unflawed” diamond is symbolic of our own clear, unflawed nature. The crystal-clear diamond reflects the potential within our minds, hearts and spirits…without mar, without distraction.

Now, if you ask me, I’d like to embrace the idea of so-called impurities tingeing our consciousness. How so? Well, I suppose it would be great to be perfect, and I dig the symbolism in all that. However, I rather think it’s our flaws that color us – that makes us strong – make us unique. Perfect is boring. 

This brings me to the common illustration of how diamonds are formed from chunks of coal. From a dirty old hunk of black rock a beautiful diamond emerges. It only does this after a lot of pressure has been placed upon the unlikely rock. The illustration is this: Some of us might feel like a worthless hunk of coal. But in fact, there is diamond-like potential nestled deep within each of us. It takes a bit of time and pressure to create magnificent beauty. In essence, there is beauty inherent in everything. Glorious wonders can step forward from the most underestimated sources. So no matter how lackluster you may feel – know you have infinite brilliance twinkling within you. 

Legends and Lore Behind Diamonds as Love Stones

The diamond is a common adornment in engagement and marriage rings. There’s history behind this. One of the first to use a diamond as a symbol of betrothal was Maximilian, the Archduke of Austria in 1477. He presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy when he proposed to her. The custom got popular thereafter. As of 2013, 70% of engagement rings in the United States feature a diamond of some sort. This is credited to its beauty and clarity – but also to its endurance. The diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth. This lends symbolism that suggests a marriage or love bond can endure trials and hardship. It implies the strength of love is more durable than any challenge with which it’s presented.

The diamond is associated with the Roman god Cupid in classical mythology. Cupid is the god of love and affection. In fact, Cupid’s name means “desire” in Latin. Some myths depict Cupid setting about shooting love arrows at unknowing folks. Once shot, the receiver of love’s arrow was beset with desire. In some myths, Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds. The idea here is that the diamond promised clarity of aim, and its multi-faceted brilliance would inject an infinite expression of love within the receiver. Get diamond symbol meanings here.

Diamond Motto

My love is ever-bright and indestructible.

Rose quartz love meaning
Rose quartz love meaning

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, these love stones come primarily in rosy colors. Ranging from soft pinks to milky rose colors, this quartz sets a cheery tone. The color encourages healing, and of course…love. In many healing practices, this stone is said to balance the heart chakra. Pink is symbolic of nurturing, softness, tenderness, kindness and compassion. Some rose quartz might also have streaks of white. White is the color of purity, innocence and pure positive potential.

Quartz is formed from hot magma, and is often found in gigantic hunks. We could say, symbolically, the heat of passion forms quartz.

Even though the earth cools to create these crystal beauties – the fire from which they were born always lives within the stone. Remember I said stones are like batteries? The heat and passion within you is also stored within rose quartz and vice versa. Keep that in mind as you connect with these love stones.

Quartz also forms in prismatic structure. The most prized are six-sided quartz. Six is a number that is sacred to the love goddess, Venus. Indeed, in numerology, six is the number of love, passion and desire.

Myths and Legends Behind Rose Quartz Love Stones

According to Pliny, the Roman naturalist and writer, quartz was made of petrified ice, and was used for healing in ancient medical operations. Mixed with honey, powdered quartz was said to enhance breast milk production when ingested by new mothers. I wouldn’t recommend these practices, but it gives you an idea of how rose quartz gained symbolism of nurturing, mothering, love and healing from ancient times. The connection with motherhood also comes from early Christianity which considered rose quartz a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Some aboriginal groups of Australia believed quartz to be a rainmaker. As such, it was considered a stone of provision, grace and purification. Some legends hold ancient Mayans revered quartz because it encapsulated the bright qualities of the human soul and mind.

Rose quartz carries on its tradition of a love stone by being associated with love goddesses. It is honored with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of purity, love and beauty. Rose quartz is also sacred to Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess who honors love and fertility.

Rose Quartz Motto

Because I am born from love, I am the embodiment of all it represents, including self-love and healing.

Take Away Tips About Love Stones

symbolic love stones and meanings

Diamonds are forever!
The diamond is a tough rock! Its durability makes it symbolic of everlasting love. This is why it’s a common stone for engagement and wedding rings.

symbolic love stones and meanings

Rolling with love stones that heal.
One of the most divine forms of love is healing. Some stones, like amethyst, are power-houses for healing. Give someone a chunk of amethyst with your loving intention for their best health!

symbolic love stones and meanings

Is that a rock in your pocket?
You’ll be happy to see anybody by keeping a love stone in your pocket. Certain stones vibrate with the energy of love. Keeping them close or on the skin allows rocky love vibes to rub off on us!

The Last Word About Symbolic Love Stones

To be sure, there are plenty more love stones to explore and employ in our daily intention to experience more love in our lives. Some of these include: Rubies, Emeralds, Pearls, and Aquamarine. Don’t stop here in your research into these loving gems. Mine the mineral world for more powerful stones that vibrate with loving energy.

Don’t miss more articles on the meaning of stones, like my piece on Gemstones of the Zodiac here.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope these insights into symbolic love stones bring you every joyful juju you rightfully deserve.

Rock on! (ha ha!)

Mighty brightly,

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