Symbolic Wolverine Meaning

symbolic wolverine meaning

Symbolic Wolverine Meaning and Wolverine Totem

When we're talking about wolverine symbolism, we're talking about some intense energy. We're also dealing with wild, unpredictable behavior. In my mind, this isn't a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with being unpredictable - and certainly nothing wrong with getting wild every once in awhile.

The wolverine belongs to the weasel family, and it's the largest of the clan. All members of the weasel clan can be mischievous - but the wolverine wreaks havoc to a whole new level. Wolverines share qualities with the badger and the bear, but wolverine meaning is unique unto itself.

Why? It has to do with ferocity, determination, and an uncompromising nature. The wolverine does not surrender. It does not back down. This is a relatively small animal (about 55+ pounds) that will take down a deer if it's in the mood to do so. This screams a message of "big things come in small packages." The wolverine might be small, but he packs a huge whallop.

When I've meditated on the wolverine...inevitably, that Tom Petty song starts playing somewhere in my noggin. You know the one..."No, I won't back down. I will stand my ground. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down." That seems to sum up a lot about wolverine meaning according to my research, meditations and meanderings.

The etymology of the name wolverine is a bit obscure. My research says one of two things: It could mean "one who behaves like a wolf", or it could mean "glutton". I'm apt to lean towards gluttony than the latter description. Why? Because the wolverine (like it's weasel clan), tends to go beserker with bloodlust. Once a kill is made, the wolverine needs more, more, more.

Let's kick off this discussion about symbolic wolverine meaning with a quick list of behavioral traits:

symbolic wolverine meaning

Quick-List of Symbolic Wolverine Meaning

  • Wild
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Attitude
  • Courage
  • Warrior
  • Defense
  • Confidence
  • Ferocious
  • Aggressive
  • Adaptable
  • Resourceful
  • Commanding
  • Determination
  • Uncompromising

If that isn't an impressive of full-on, powder-keg list of wolverine meaning, I don't know what is. As you can see, symbolic wolverine meaning is about assertion, fight, and control. This is not a bad thing. The wolverine does what it has to do to live, survive and maintain homeostasis. The most important lesson the wolverine teaches us is to accept our nature.

Are we all pretty all of the time? Heck no! The wolverine's "down and dirty" style reminds us of our sub-nature's. This is a creature that embraces the under-belly of societal archetype - and is perfectly fine with what it sees.

If you struggle with your dark side - the wolverine will tell you to love your shadows. Am I implying you should go berserker and go completely primal? No. I'm saying there is a time and place to be wild.

The wolverine knows about this, and can help define areas where it's OK to step outside of societal norms. I'll go a step further and encourage mindfulness when dealing with wolverine medicine. This is an erratic energy. It takes a little skill and practice to take up with the wolverine. In fact, a lot of "hard core" cases are drawn to wolverine. Folks who have had a hard childhood, a hard life..those who have had to scratch and claw for equality or even creature comforts...these are the types who are well equipped to dive into wolverine energy.

Let's talk more about symbolic wolverine meaning in terms of totemism.

symbolic wolverine meaning

Wolverine Meaning as Your Totem

Power Play: Wolverine meaning as a totem is all about power. These are incredibly muscular creatures - and all that power is stored in a tight package. These mammals can spring into ferocious action in an instant. If you're the kind of person who has his/her muscles bunched and tightly coiled to pop into defense mode at a moment's notice - you might relate to the wolverine. If you are of the wolverine clan, you can pull off a physical maneuver with frightening speed and accuracy.

Wild Child: If you refuse to be tamed...if you rail against conformity...if you behave wildly against normalcy...the wolverine might be your totemic ally. Part of wolverine meaning deals with unconventional behavior. They seem to have very little strategy applied to their hunts, where they roam, or how they live. They are unpredictable and freedom is their nature. They cannot be contained. In fact, if captured, the wolverine will kill itself for the sake of release. If you cannot be contained - the wolverine salutes you.

Are you out of your mind!? Sometimes the wolverine is. As I said earlier, the wolverine can get on a killing jag that puts them in a blood thirsty fury. This is symbolic of mindless behavior. Consequently, wolverine meaning often deals with addiction issues. Certain personality types are pre-disposed to gluttony. Sometimes the animal brain goes "click" and there's no shutting off that switch. That's true with addicts and wolverines alike.

Adapt and Overcome: The wolverine is tremendously adaptable. They seem to have an unsinkable attitude when it comes to adversity. Poor weather? No problem - the wolverine says "bring it on!". Scarce resources? Not an issue. The wolverine prefers meat, but it will feast on vegetation to stay alive. This mammal will also scavenge upon carrion to keep moving forward. Are you a survivor? Do you adapt, persevere and overcome? If so, then symbolic wolverine meaning might hit home for you. The wolverine is all about survival of the fittest. If you're accustomed to getting down to brass tacks to save your skin - even if it means changing everything , and removing all comfort zones - the wolverine has got your back, and gives you a big 10-4 buddy.

Thick skinned? The wolverine is. It has very thick skin to protect it from damage and cold temperatures. It also has remarkably strong jaws and claws. The wolverine is an "army of one" - it is well equipped for battle. It's defense systems are second to none. If you are a warrior, a fighter, a defender - the wolverine is your animal guide. If you feel the need to be tougher, stronger and more resilient, call upon the wolverine for help.

What's up with the 'tude, dude? The wolverine has attitude. Uber-attitude. In fact, a lot of its prey just fall over more from fear of the wolverine than physical damage. This creature has fierce presence. It bares fangs. It puffs up. It emits an awesome level of confidence. Does this sound like your personality? If so, the wolverine might be a totemic kinsman for you.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations about symbolic wolverine meaning and the ideas of the wolverine as an animal totem.

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Thank you for reading, and may all your wolverine experiences be wonderfully wild



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