Wooly Caterpillar Meaning

by Reb

Wooly Caterpillar (from almanac.com)

Wooly Caterpillar (from almanac.com)

Wooly Caterpillar (from almanac.com)
Wooly Caterpillar

Hi Avia,
I have been following your site for a long time and sincerely enjoy it and I have increased my knowledge of nature and it's symbolism. I have been seeing the wooly worm lately.

I'm in northern lower Michigan so it is unusual for this time of year. I know it will be a moth and I've read what you have to say about the moth but is there any significance to seeing it as the wooly worm (aka: wooly caterpillar)?

Avia's Response to
"Wooly Caterpillar Meaning"

Hi Reb,

Thanks, for your about the wooly worm question (also known as wooly caterpillar or wooly bear caterpillar)! I dig how the tiniest of Nature's creatures caught your attention. It is often the most itty bitty critters in our midst that have the biggest blessings to offer.

You're right - sighting this little fellow in January is odd. Wooly bear caterpillar's usually appear in the fall. Perhaps odd timing honed your attention to the wooly worm...or perhaps this tiny guy needed to be noticed by you. Why? Because big messages come from the wooly bear caterpillar.

Here's a summary of symbolic points of interest the wooly bear offers us:

Unique Features Related to Wooly Caterpillar Meaning

  • Weather:
    Folklore and wives tales abound about the wooly worm predicting the weather. Apparently, more brown bands than black indicate a mild winter. Conversely, more black than brown mean a brutal winter ahead. According to Farmer's Almanac, this weather-predicting ability was observed by Dr. C.H. Curran in 1948. You can read the full article on wooly bear caterpillar meaning here at the Farmer's Almanac website.

  • Longevity:
    Did you know the wooly worm can live up to 14+ years? Yep. It has to do with the ability to hunker down into hibernation during extreme cold temperatures. Wooly's version of hibernation is called cryostasis. There are a surprising amount of critters who can live in frozen or brutally cold conditions, and the wooly bear is one of them. This caterpillar actually puts off spinning its cocoon for years at a time until the time is right for incubating themselves into a moth. Remarkable!

  • Perfect Timing:
    This dovetails into "weather" and "longevity". The wooly bear knows about timing. Either in a weather-predictive capacity, or in knowing the right time to transform itself into a whole new life form.

  • Protection:
    One of the most intriguing ways to mine symbolic meanings from Nature's creatures is to observe their methods of protecting themselves. The wooly worm has a few tricks up its sleeve in this area too. It protects itself by either "playing dead", or by curling up into a ball. Although it's spiky hair-do isn't poisonous, it's awfully slippery. That's why woolies are so hard to catch - their slick squirmy ways make them a wily bunch!

  • Transformation:
    Butterflies do it, and moths do too - the symbolism is the same for either. Caterpillars, such as the wooly, transform themselves into a completely new organism after a period of cycles, incubation and time.

Now...how do we take all these aspects of wooly caterpillar meaning and give them symbolic meaning in our own lives?

Easy. Just draw the parallels. I'll give you some hints...

Wooly Caterpillar Meaning and How it Relates to Us

  • "Keep a weather eye...."
    Wooly's ability to be so in tune with the weather is a lesson for us too. It encourages us to keep a keen eye on the weather around us. Yes, in our environment - but also in our personal atmosphere. The wooly bear asks us to pay close attention to the rhythms of Nature, and relate that to our inner selves. For example...Are you enduring a harsh winter? How does the season relate to your life? Do you also feel harshness in your heart? Conversely, are you experiencing the most fabulous summers ever? How does that reflect in your internal life? Perhaps you are "in the summer of your life" - meaning this is your time to shine in all your glory.

  • "Long live YOU!"
    When the wooly comes to pay a visit, it's a good idea to pay attention to your lifestyle. What are you doing to take care of yourself? To prolong your life? To prove you love yourself enough to outlast the harshest of winter's in your life. Living long isn't necessarily about eating the right stuff and getting on the treadmill every day. It's also about feeding the soul, loving others and enjoying life. The wooly is doggedly determined to live - at all costs. That's a remarkable testimony for the passion of life. Life is to be respected - and that is an essential tenet to wooly caterpillar meaning.

  • "A stitch in time, saves a bunch!"
    I can't tell you how many times I wish I had taken the wooly worm's cue by listening to primal intuition before making a move! I'm often the fool who rushes in! It always seems to work out okay, but boy - what frustrations I could have saved myself had I just waited. When you see a wooly bear, it is a huge omen to stop, drop, and ponder. Wooly wants us to ask ourselves: "Is the timing right for this project?", "Should I really move right now?" etc. Not just idle questions...but heavy-commitment questions. The ability to wait (be patient) is major. Not many of us can do it - and I applaud those who can. It takes strong intuition and instinct to know when to wait, or when to go forward.

  • "If it ain't worth dyin' over, then roll over."
    I rather think the wooly would approve of that motto. It's ability to roll out of grasps, and play dead when needed is a big lesson. So often we get so puffy and defensive (self included, sometimes). Rather than put ourselves in jeopardy (either physical harm's way or life-killing stress levels), maybe we should just roll over. Am I implying the wooly bear asks us to play dead in the face of threat? Noooo...but I am suggesting the wooly encourages contemplation about picking our battles. Playing dead is also symbolic of being contemplative. When faced with threat - ponder whether or not this is something worth expending your precious, vital energy. Many times, the threat is imagined. Consequently, turning the other cheek is a better option.

  • "It is what it is....until it isn't."
    Wooly caterpillar meaning is nothing if not about transformation. This little guy may stay in the same caterpillar form for a decade before morphing into a lovely Isabella Tiger Moth (a moth that is really symbolic too - but that's another post). Even though we may feel like we are in cryostasis (or stagnation), change is absolutely inevitable. What the wooly knows, and encourages us to know - is that what we do with change is key. When we see the wooly worm, it's a reminder to allow change to transform us - not crush us, or hamper our progress. We can take a cue from the wooly - we can renew ourselves - evolve into a whole new creature - even under the most harsh conditions.

Who knew such a tiny wooly could offer such massive wisdom!?! Reb did! And I thank you very much for bringing all this information brought about by your inquiry. To be sure, wooly caterpillar meaning is diverse and profound.

I hope this article helped you, Reb, in your search for meaning. I further hope this post encourages all of you to do as the wooly does! :)

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with a cool wooly caterpillar video from the Discovery Channel. Enjoy!

Super-Cool Video on Wooly Caterpillar Meaning

Bright Wooly Bear Blessings to you,

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