October Astrology Forecast by Avia

October Astrology Forecast by Avia

Last Updated on October 14, 2022 by Avia

Howdy, everybody! The year is moving right along!  With the Autumnal Equinox behind us, we’re really starting to sense a lot of shifts and transformations in the air.  As you might have already picked up, it’s the same with our October astrology forecast – lots of changes and twists and turns this month.  While I was casting charts for these October astrology predictions, I got the sense that “Let it roll” was the overarching theme for this month.  In a way, that’s great – but for those among us who have a bit more controlling sun signs, the “Let it roll” philosophy might be easier said than done.  In any case, I’m giving you loads of suggestions, insights and tips according to the October astrology forecast for your sun sign listed here.  Enjoy!

Aires: Cooperative Communication

October Astrology Forecast Aries
October Astrology Forecast – Aries

I see lots of partnerships, communication and negotiating for you this month dear Aries.  But, there is one among your troupe of admirers who is not listening to you.  You’ve been trying to make your presence known, and get your point across, but he/she just isn’t listening.  Don’t get tied up in it – your heart is in the right place and that good-intended energy will serve (even if not immediately), so don’t get cranky if the object of your attention & good advice is ignoring you.  You may also experience a few stalls on a creative project you’re trying to launch this month.  Don’t sweat that either.  This is just a sign to wait and see what happens (I know, easier said than done for you, but do your best).

Taurus: Get Grounded

October Astrology Forecast Taurus
October Astrology for Taurus

You’re going to feel the effects of the moon this month perhaps more than any other.  But don’t be overly swayed by her pull.  There’s a reason the word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin word for moon (Luna) because sometimes the moon in her silvery mystery can cloud our judgment and make us go crazy.  My advice for you?  Find personal anchors to keep you grounded.  Spend time with family and friends – those who support you and love you.  Get cooking in the kitchen and fulfill a sense of provision and community there.  When it feels like everything has gone loopy and weird, turn to the things that are comforting to you.  Whether it be food, or shopping for that perfect pair of shoes – indulge yourself (in a healthful way) this month when you feel the need to get back on track.

Gemini: Get Planning

October Astrology Forecast Gemini
October Astrology for Pisces

October is going to see you taking action on some plans/ideas you have had in the works (or have been contemplating) for the last six months.  This is great, but there’s a catch.  You’re going to have to choose.  Pick one goal, or one plan or idea and run with it.  You should also know there is a secret admirer who has your back in your endeavors.  Someone who thinks very highly of you is in the background, and will be there to support you when the time comes.  Keep this in mind if you experience a bit of a rocky road at the start of the month.  Keep your mind sharp, avoid over-indulgence this month.  My readings and the stars are in your favor, but you’re going to have to keep your wits about you.

Cancer: Second Wind & Motivation

October Astrology Forecast Cancer
October Astrology Forecast for Cancer

I feel you have been trudging along, almost whipping yourself to get motivated.  Put the whip away because October is going to give you your second wind of motivation.  Support is coming in unorthodox forms.  I feel compelled to tell you support is coming to you from the animal kingdom, so look to your animal totems for strength and advice.  This month is going to find you doing a bit more restructuring  (especially with health and diet) too – you’ll feel the need to get crazy about organizing and ordering.  Just don’t get militant about it.  Be easy with yourself.  If you fall off the wagon or things don’t go your way, be gentle and forgiving with yourself.  I say this because I sense a chip on your shoulder, and nobody but you can crack that block your carrying around.  It’s time to let go.  That’s where the strength is gained – by letting go.

Leo: Kick Some Hind-End

October Astrology Forecast Leo
October Astrology for Leo

I think of that line in Macbeth “Double, double, toil and trouble” with your October astrology forecast.  What’s so good about that?  It’s good because it tells me you are going to kick some proverbial hind-end this month.  You’ve had a rough go of things recently, and you’ve had to “behave” which is something you do under duress.  October will find you breaking out of stereotypical roles and forging your own unique path (which puts you in your glory anyway).  I see October has you cooking up a major brew of insight that will make your decision-making process much easier than ever before.  This month kicks off some tremendous opportunities, and you’re going to have plenty of friends from the spirit worlds to help you out with these new directions.  Just be open to support from parallel worlds – they are there to assist.  Congratulations Leo – you’re going to rock the world with your own brand of electric charisma and motivational charm!

Virgo: Creative Freedom

October Astrology Forecast Virgo
October Astrology Forecast for Virgo

Your October astrology forecast (especially at the end of the month) is going to see a tremendous liberation for you.  If you’ve been under the impression you’re not good enough or any of that kind of self-defeating baloney, this will be a period in which that mind-set is going to fall off.  October will see you embracing your unique power.  In fact, you are going to find ways to utilize your idiosyncratic ways to your advantage.  That’s what this reading (and the stars) are all about – making magic out of uncommon aspects and situations – making lemonade out of lemons.  This month will put a breath of fresh air in your creative mind that will have you dancing (and gaining attention from others too).  So ditch the self-criticism, kick the skeletons in your closet to the curb and start facing the truth:  You are spectacular and your time to shine is NOW.

Libra: Explore Partnerships

October Astrology Forecast Libra
October Astrology for Libra

You will have the opportunity to break out of the mold this month and really reach for the stars, but you’re going to have to give something  in return.  Tit for tat.  Equal exchange.  Start asking yourself what you are willing to give in order to get what you want.  I’m not saying you have to make a sacrifice – I’m saying you are going to have to give of yourself.  Make an investment in order to gain a return.  This might be in the form of giving away your ego in order to make a business partnership work better.  Or, perhaps it might be sharing your heart more in order to freshen up your love life.  Mid-month is optimum for making these investments.

Scorpio: Purpose-Driven Awareness

October Astrology Forecast Scorpio
October Astrology Forecast for Scorpio

Your vision this month is going to be so singularly focused in one direction that you won’t have the ability to see anything else.  This is great if you’re focusing on something beneficial but not-so-great if you are obsessing.  Be honest with yourself about the objects of your desire.  Is the love you are seeking the healthiest choice?  Just be clear about what you want.  You will absolutely get it because this month gives you a magical kind of focus.  Also, be considerate of the feelings of those around you.  Your tunnel vision can cause you to take action that could be crushing for those around you.  You can have what you want without hurting those around you.  Be savvy.  Pay attention.  October gives you a “guiding light” that will put you and your loved ones in safe harbor but Truth and Compassion must be your compass.

Sagittarius: Speak Your Truth

October Astrology Forecast Sagittarius
October Astrology for Sagittarius

You have your own special wisdom that you love to freely dispense to others.  Normally, this is just fine because over the years you’ve learned a bit of tact.  However, my readings and the stars for October are prompting me to advise you to be especially mindful about your conveyance.  Be aware of your behaviors and what you say this month.  Why?  Because your viewpoints might not be particularly popular with everyone this month.  You might find yourself in the minority.  Now, rather than trying to appease the majority opinion, just do your best to hold onto the Truth.  You know in your heart of hearts what is right, and you are the protector of sacred knowledge.  Just because people around you don’t want to hear the Truth doesn’t mean it is no longer true.  Guard yourself and your ideas – but don’t get defensive (this will only exacerbate folks).  If you have to speak out this month, take time to rehearse your meaning so that your words are not misunderstood.

Capricorn: Strategize and Assess

October Astrology Forecast Capricorn
October Astrology Forecast for Capricorn

You are faced with a dichotomy this month.  Two very different directions/opportunities will be presented to you.  Thankfully, you don’t have to make a hasty decision.  You have plenty of time to mull things over and strategize about the right choice to make.  I advise you to bring in an expert to help you with your decision too.  Call upon your elders, or an authority in the arena you’re contemplating.  The advice you get will be sound.  This advisor will know about what’s going on behind the scenes and this knowledge will tip the hand in your favor.  The new moon (10/18) will give you some quiet time to reflect on the happenings in your life – this is something you’ve been looking forward to.  It will be nice to have some contemplative, solitary time.

Aquarius: Stop, Drop, & Listen

October Astrology Forecast Aquarius
October Astrology for Aquarius

You are going to have some golden opportunities come your way this month.  You’ve been really strong-willed about a particular viewpoint or project, and October will bring you the reward of your hard work and bull-headed stance.  This is not to say you’re out of the woods.  You need to remain sharp throughout the month of October.  Put your listening skills to the test.  Practice your observation skills too (get a book on how to read body language – it will come in handy!).  People around you are giving off subtle signals that you must pay attention to in order to get what you want.  The prize is within your grasp, just pace yourself and be mindful of the signals you’re getting from others!

Pisces: Self-Care is Key

October Astrology Forecast Pisces
October Astrology Forecast for Pisces

Last month saw you sloughing off some unhealthy attitudes but you may have ticked some people off by doing this.  Specifically, there are some people that are just downright needy in your life and when you try to (even gently) shake them off you – you seem to get backlash.  October will give you the ability to gracefully bow out and take care of yourself.  When you feel the need to enable those around you, call upon your spiritual guardians for strength.  You absolutely MUST take care of yourself.  It’s just one or two people that take advantage of your good nature.  Otherwise, you have some amazingly supportive people and spirit guides in your corner.  Focus on the relationships and partnerships that ARE working.  This focus will get you out of the co-dependent crud that tends to drag you down.

Final Thoughts on Your October Astrology Forecast

Of course, these are merely insights I picked up as I was casting charts for each of your sun signs.  I’m a big proponent of looking at our starts so we can be prepared and apprised of potential curve balls ahead.  However, ultimately we shape our own destinies by making smart choices.  So, while your October astrology forecast might be illuminating, I’m also encourages you to practice radical self-love and make choices that honor who you are so you can live your best life.  As always, thanks for reading, and I wish you a sensation October!  Oh, and if you want a different view on the movement of the planets and stars for this month, check out my friend Jahben’s October astrology forecast here.

Mighty brightly,

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