A Guide to Interpreting
Signs and Symbolic Meanings

Signs and symbols run like rivers through our lives. Because they are constant, we owe it to ourselves to closely investigate their meanings. In short, understanding symbolism can equip us for a better life.

Adopting the power of symbolism helps us learn more about ourselves and our world. Incorporating our own personal emblems into our lives serves us in areas of self-discovery and self-expression.

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Understanding symbol meanings allows us to learn more about our past, present, and future, and leads us to broader awareness on many levels. By tapping into the meanings of symbols and signs, we gain understanding in the realms of:

  • Philosophy
  • Cultural History
  • Inner Awareness
  • Personal Identity
  • Collective Community

On Whats-Your-Sign.com we will explore other topics such as:

  • Differences between signs and symbols.
  • The relevance of symbolism in our lives.
  • How to use symbols for self-discovery and life enhancement.
  • Symbolic meanings and their variations according to era and culture.

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Symbolic Topics on Whats-Your-Sign.com

June Meaning and Symbolism

June is a fabulous month for symbolism! Check this page for June meaning via gemstones, flowers, zodiac signs and more.

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Law of Attraction and Butterfly Meaning

Symbolic butterfly meaning is married to the art of Law of Attraction. Find out why here.

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Law of Attraction and The Vulture

Law of Attraction and vulture symbolism? It's not as odd as you might think. Learn lessons from the vulture that will help you get what you want.

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Dream Meanings and Animal Classifications

Flummoxed about that lemming in your dreams? No worries. Even if the animal is elusive, we can get dream meanings through animal classification. Sounds wonky, but it's easy. Check out this page for animal dream interpretation help.

Continue reading "Dream Meanings and Animal Classifications"

Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism

What does spider symbolism have in common with the Law of Attraction? More than you'd think. Learn how to weave a web to catch your desires here.

Continue reading "Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism"

Dream Meanings for Animals. An Introduction

What are dream meanings for animals? What does it mean when we dream of animals? Get answers here.

Continue reading "Dream Meanings for Animals. An Introduction"

Flower Meanings - Foxglove

Produce! Create! If ever you needed reminding of these vital factors in life, the foxglove is your flower. Check out this page of foxglove flower meanings for big insight!

Continue reading "Flower Meanings - Foxglove"

Flower Meanings - Pansy

THINK! We do it all the time...think. But do we ever stop to consider what we're thinking? Flower meanings of pansy can help us get a grip on our thoughts. Learn more here.

Continue reading "Flower Meanings - Pansy"

Flower Meanings - Orchid

Sexy, sultry, capable and totally enchanting. Check out symbolic flower meanings for orchid here.

Continue reading "Flower Meanings - Orchid"

Flower Meanings - Gardenia

Dreamy, steamy. Lovely, luscious. Intoxicate yourself with the heady flower meanings of the gardenia

Continue reading "Flower Meanings - Gardenia"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Hawk

Take flight into your Celtic zodiac sign (November 25 - December 23). This article about personality traits to those born under the Hawk in the Celtic lunar zodiac.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Hawk"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Wolf/Hound

Go wild about your Celtic zodiac sign (October 28 - November 24). This page is howling about personality traits to those born under the Wolf/Hound in the Celtic lunar zodiac.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Wolf/Hound"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Butterfly

Fly into your Celtic zodiac sign (September 30 - October 27). Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the Butterfly.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Butterfly"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Swan

Explore your Celtic zodiac sign (September 2 - September 29). This article is about the Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the Swan.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Swan"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Salmon/Fish

Swim into your Celtic zodiac sign (August 5 - September 1). This page details the Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the Salmon/fish.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Salmon/Fish"

Animal Symbolism: Pheasant Meanings

Do you think of sexuality when you think of the pheasant? This page may make you rethink the animal symbolism related to the amorous bird!

Continue reading "Animal Symbolism: Pheasant Meanings"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Horse

Gallop through details about your Celtic zodiac sign (July 8 - August 4). This is an indepth article on Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the horse.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Horse"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Wren

Get insight about your Celtic zodiac sign (June 10 - July 7). This article discusses the Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the wren.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Wren"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Seahorse

Dive into your Celtic zodiac sign (May 13 - June 9). This page talks about Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the seahorse.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Seahorse"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Bull/Cow

Explore your Celtic zodiac sign (April 15 - May 12). This page discusses Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the bull/cow.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Bull/Cow"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Fox

Learn more about your foxy Celtic zodiac sign (March 18 and April 14). This page details Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the lunar Celtic sign of the fox.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Fox"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Snake

Slither into your Celtic zodiac sign (February 18 - March 17). This page goes into detail about personality traits for those born under the Celtic sign of the snake.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Snake"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Cat

Learn more about your Celtic zodiac sign (January 21 - February 17). This page discusses Celtic animal sign personality traits for those born under the Celtic sign of the cat.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Cat"

Celtic Zodiac Sign: Stag/Deer

Learn more about your Celtic zodiac sign (December 22 - January 20). This page is devoted to the deer/stag and these Celtic animal sign personality traits.

Continue reading "Celtic Zodiac Sign: Stag/Deer"

Symbolic Hummingbird Facts

These symbolic hummingbird facts are sure to inspire you. Discover unique insights and meanings about this incredible bird.

Continue reading "Symbolic Hummingbird Facts"

Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning

Learn how the Universal Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning influences you and your life!

Continue reading "Law of Attraction and Symbolic Meaning"

How To Know My Animal Totem

This is a Q&A about identifying animal totems. ---------------------------------------------- I have been wondering for a while what my totem animal

Continue reading "How To Know My Animal Totem"

Dragon Tattoo Meanings

Are you complicated? Changeable? Unpredictable? So is the dragon. Learn about dragon tattoo meanings, and why this might be a great tattoo idea for you.

Continue reading "Dragon Tattoo Meanings"

Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams

Dreaming of flowers? Get tips on how to interpret those sweet blooms in your flower dreams here.

Continue reading "Flowers and Their Meanings in Dreams"

Vine Tattoo Meaning

The vine makes a big statement Check out powerful vine tattoo meaning for skin art inspiration.

Continue reading "Vine Tattoo Meaning"

Lily Tattoo Meaning

Peace, faith and more! Check out lovely lily tattoo meaning for skin art inspiration.

Continue reading "Lily Tattoo Meaning"

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Strong yet delicate, cherry blossom tattoos are packed with deep meaning. Check this page for cherry blossom tattoo ideas.

Continue reading "Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas and Meanings"

Symbolic and Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Symbolic and Meaningful Tattoo Ideas on Whats-Your-Sign.com

Continue reading "Symbolic and Meaningful Tattoo Ideas"

Red Fox Symbolism

Feeling foxy? Check out this article on red fox symbolism to get your foxy groove on.

Continue reading "Red Fox Symbolism"

Symbolic Love Stones

Nature rocks with the meaning of love. Check this article on symbolic love stones.

Continue reading "Symbolic Love Stones"

Different Perspectives: Native American Owl Wisdom

The following is an interesting Q&A about different ways a symbolic meaning can be approached. In this example, Native American views on Owl meaning is

Continue reading "Different Perspectives: Native American Owl Wisdom"

Law of Polarity and Symbolic Meaning

Learn how the Universal Law of Polarity and Symbolic Meaning influences YOU!

Continue reading "Law of Polarity and Symbolic Meaning"

Symbols for Renewal

Get RE-inspired and back on the track of your dreams with these symbols for renewal

Continue reading "Symbols for Renewal"

Wolf Tattoo Meaning

A symbol for family, protection and more - the wolf has powerful energy. Hunt down profound wolf tattoo meaning here.

Continue reading "Wolf Tattoo Meaning"

Owl Tattoo Meaning

Wisdom, magic, mystery - oh my! There's more to owl tattoo meaning than meets the eye. Find out all about owl tattoos here.

Continue reading "Owl Tattoo Meaning"

Symbolic Wreath Meaning

Sure, they're pretty. They're also symbolic! Check out symbolic wreath meaning and make your wreaths pretty AND pertinent.

Continue reading "Symbolic Wreath Meaning"

Lucky Days for Zodiac Signs

Find out about lucky days for zodiac signs and which days are best for certain activities for your sign.

Continue reading "Lucky Days for Zodiac Signs"

Symbolic Meaning of the Christmas Tree

They're great to decorate - but what's behind all the symbolic meaning of the Christmas tree? Find out here.

Continue reading "Symbolic Meaning of the Christmas Tree"

Symbolic Reindeer Meaning

Reindeer are way more profound than Santa's sleigh-pullers! They've been fascinating humans since prehistory! Learn more about rich symbolic reindeer meaning here.

Continue reading "Symbolic Reindeer Meaning"

Symbolic Mistletoe Meaning
More Than Christmas Decorations

What's the deal with kissing under the mistletoe? Find out here on my 'Symbolic Mistletoe Meaning - More Than Christmas Decorations' page.

Continue reading "Symbolic Mistletoe Meaning
More Than Christmas Decorations"

Symbolic Chameleon Meanings

Patience, vision and change - these are just a few among many symbolic chameleon meanings. Read the whole article to discover what this totem means for you.

Continue reading "Symbolic Chameleon Meanings"

Poinsettia Christmas Flower Meanings

What do Aztecs have to do with the poinsettia flower meanings? And what's the Christmas flower meaning for this lovely plant? Find out here!

Continue reading "Poinsettia Christmas Flower Meanings"

Zodiac Signs and Meanings

What's your sign? Find out on this page and have fun exploring the twelve zodiac signs and meanings.

Continue reading "Zodiac Signs and Meanings"

Zodiac Symbols and Zodiac Signs

In-Depth meanings of zodiac signs and zodiac symbols for all twelves signs. Just click the sign you want to learn more about.

Continue reading "Zodiac Symbols and Zodiac Signs"

Zodiac Symbols for Pisces

Dive deep into the fascinating realm of Pisces zodiac symbols and zodiac sign meanings.

Continue reading "Zodiac Symbols for Pisces"

Whether you're looking for Celtic symbols, Native American symbols, or curious about animal symbols, or maybe you want to learn about some old fashioned good luck symbols, you'll sure find the information you seek right here at What's your sign.com.

I believe there is no limit to the potential we can find within the scope of symbolism. After years of running this website, I know you feel the same way.

Consider yourself merry met, and join me in the exploration of this exciting realm.

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Astrological Symbolic Meanings
There's no end to symbolism in astrology. Check this main page for your personality types according to many zodiac systems (includes Western, Asian, Native American, Celtic zodiacs and more!)

Nature Symbols
This section of symbolic meanings is one of my favorites. Go hiking through natural symbolism for enlightenment and inspiration. Section is divided by elements (fire, earth, air, water), with articles discussing profound symbolism found in each realm.

Celtic Symbols
There's no end to symbolic insight offered by the ancient Celts. This fiercely creative group of ancestors have rocked my world in meaningful ways; I hope these pages will kindle your own creative flames too!

Alchemy Symbolism
It's such an arcane system of symbolism, but packed with power and potential. This section seeks to clear up (a little bit) of the mystery of alchemy for the purpose of utilizing its imagery for personal benefit and understanding.

Basic Shapes and Colors for Symbolic Meanings
Sometimes the most profound meaning comes from the simplest sources. This section gets to symbolic basics: Circles, squares, colors, etc. A great foundational research for your symbolic exploration.

Dream Symbolism
Not a day passes when I'm not asked about the symbolic meaning of dreams. This section is devoted to that outcry for information.

Animal Symbolism and Totem Meanings
Hands down, the most sought out information on this website deals with connecting with animal totems, communications and animal meanings. I've spent years hanging out with animal kin, and this section (of 100+ entries) is the offspring of my observations and devotion to the animal kingdom.

Native American Symbolism
My own blood is spiced with Native American lineage, so it just made good sense to explore various tribal wisdom through symbolic eyes. This section is the result of a need for connection to Native Ways and Wisdom.

Number Meanings
Numbers represent a unique symbolic language that is worthy of further investigation. Check out this section for numerological insights, meanings and ideas. Includes auspicious dates, name-numerology, cultural ideas about numbers and your number-based personality traits.

Symbolic Tattoo Ideas and Meanings
Looking for the perfect tattoo idea that captures your personality and symbolic intent? Check out this full list of symbolic meanings for your sacred tattooing needs.

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