Celtic Symbol Mandala

Celtic Symbol Mandala

Celtic Mandala Symbolism for Growth and Expansion

Celtic symbol mandalas are a tool for coming in contact with our origins, visions, and desires. They are also helpful for touching our divine ancestry.

The Celtic mandala art designs below are provided with a goal to engage our hearts and minds with an anchor. By focusing on these mandalas, our more playful and intuitive side takes over, allowing us to fall into a state of higher awareness. It is my hope that this awareness leads us to key states that facilitate the above listed responses.

As with all mandalas, Celtic symbol mandalas are useful in facilitating expansions in many areas of the human realm. Some examples are...

How Celtic Mandalas Faciliate and Influence

  • Steadying the mind
  • Observing the soul
  • Communion with Spirit/God
  • Reestablishing balance (external and internal)
  • Grounding ourselves
  • Intuitive channeling
  • Understanding of ancestral origin

The Celtic symbol mandalas are a creative spin on the artistic bounty available to us from ancient, prolific Celtic artisans. Celtic culture is rich in symbolism, history and color. By tapping into the Celtic mandala, our minds traverse the ages, and settle back into the time of the Celtic tribes.

Fall into these mandalas and travel through time - these are a great tool to explore, learn, and gather much information about the Celtic way of life.

For more information on meditating and using mandalas please visit my Meaning of Mandala page which gives good background information on mandalas.

Examples of Celtic Symbol Mandalas

Celtic Triquetra Mandala
Triquetra Celtic Symbol Mandala:
The Latin meaning for triquetra is "three-cornered." It's also the symbol for the holy trinity. Being a holy sign, this Celtic symbol is perfect for mandala meditation. It stills the chattering as our focus is funneled to the center of the triquetra. Once centered, we are able to feel the connection with the spiritual trinity, and thus become one with the source of power. Also see my page on the triskelion symbol meaning.

Celtic Spiral Mandala Spiral Celtic Symbol:
The spiral is prevelant in a vast amount of Celtic ruins and remains. This symbol is often found in many other ancient cultures spanning the globe. This is a powerful sign as it represents spiritual awareness, and expansion of thought. Focus upon this spiral mandala augments the understanding that we are more than our bodies and more than the confines of this earth. Delving deeper into this symbol we find that we are ever growing and increasing, and as our awareness expands, so too does our energy. As such, we are reminded to pass our positive energy out to others and the world, ultimately making the universe a better place to live and grow. See my post for a little more meaning of spiral.

Celtic Knot Mandala Celtic Knot Meaning Mandala:
The Celtic knot mandala beckons us to fall into to it for a glimpse into the inner workings of our lives. As we delve in hypnotic flow with this mandala, we are able to see how our decisions have affected our lives, and those lives around us. Further, we are able to visualize how our lives are interconnected with those of our ancestors. Let your imagination run free each time you lay eyes on this beautifully embroidered design. See more on Celtic knots here.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on Celtic symbol mandala as a tool for cultural and meditative expansion. Check out the links at the end of t his page for more Celtic meanings and symbolism. Thanks for reading!

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