Celtic Symbol for Warrior

Celtic Symbol for Warrior

Suggestions for Celtic Warrior Symbols

I've been asked on several occasions if there is a Celtic symbol for warrior, or a symbolic representation of such.

Celtic symbols are sometimes tough to accurately identify because the surviving written records of Celtic symbol representation are spotty at best.

Much of the research has been from conjecture and supposition from authorities and historians of ancient Celtic culture. Other information of ancient Celtic symbols comes by way of the Romans who observed the Celts in awe and made note of their colorful diversity.

Hazy historic details aren't so bad. This allows us to tap into the mystery of the Celtic way, follow our hearts, and open up to our intuition when it comes to Celtic symbolism.

Most likely, Celtic clans would adopt personalized symbols indicating their warrior status. These personal symbols would be exhibited in daily art as the Celts were master artists and craftspeople.

Some such personal symbols may include knot motifs (with turns holding specific meaning), skulls, colors, personal (clan) insignias, animals (as a sort of family or personal totem), trees & other vegetation, etc.

Regarding the Warrior - the Celtic representation of this attribute would have certainly been created artistically, and exhibited proudly. As we know, the Celts were a warring culture - and thus likely correlated identity with courage.

A fierce warrior would be apt to establish his symbolic status as a warrior with woad tattoos.

There are certain theories that the Celtic warrior would have free flowing tattoos embellished on his body along sexual/prime energy points of his body....these points are called meridians. The idea is that these imprints along power meridians would enhance the warriors' performance in battle.

A sword is the ultimate symbol of a warrior. Meaning, the Celtic warrior's sword would be an utmost status symbol.

Further research uncovers Some forms of Celtic/ancient Anglo divination reference the Celtic symbol for warrior.

Celtic Warrior Symbol Suggestions

ken rune, celtic symbol meaning For example, The Ken rune is a symbol of flame. It speaks of sex, action, heroism, and is the rune of the fierce warrior. There is a tale that the Celtic warrior would wear this sacred rune around his neck in battle to invoke the gods of war for assistance in battle. I have attached an (image of Ken rune shown left).


duir symbol, celtic symbol meaning Another set of symbols we can draw the essence of strength from is the Celtic the Ogham. Learn more about the Ogham here. The Duir is the sign of the Oak which stands for power and stability. The druids believed the Duir to be a vessel of cosmic forceful energy. Once tapped, the power can be released and expelled on the battlefield. Shown left is the Duir.Learn more about the Duir & other trees of the Ogham here.


Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha De Danann
Exploration of the Celtic symbols of the Tuatha de Danann is a first-row seat into the theaters of bravery. These were highly magical people, and superior warriors too. Learn more about their properties, associations and magical influences described here.

I hope this information helps your journey to come closer to the Celtic symbol for warrior.

I'd like to encourage those looking for guidance on Celtic symbols that the best road to clarity is the path we travel in our own soul. Take the time to meditate, contact your Celtic Elders in quiet contemplation. These energies will show you the way to true Celtic wisdom.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations on the Celtic symbol for warrior. Follow the links at the end of this page for more information Celtic symbols on this website.

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