symbolic hand meaning

Symbolic Hand Meaning

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Getting a Grasp on Symbolic Hand Meaning

Symbolic Hand Meaning

This page on hand meaning symbolism is brought about by several curious images received during meditation and dreams. And, like much of the content on this site, this post comes from thinking more deeply about potential hand meaning with the goal of providing interesting insight and perspectives to you too.

First and most obvious, we’ve got two of them and this lead me to the concept of number two in numerological symbolism.

That two (dual) symbolism and hand symbolism in general include attributes such as…

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Symbolism of Two Hands

  • Balance
  • Choice
  • Contrast
  • Justice (think of a scale)

In Asian cultures the left hand is symbolic of yin energy and the right yang energy. Hands folded together or clasped in Asian illustrations is iconic of allegiance and friendship. Hidden hands depicted in art indicates humility and offering respect where it is due.

symbolic hand meaning
symbolic hand meaning

Here are a few common left-hand, right-hand symbolic attributions:

Right-Hand and Left-Hand Symbolism

Left Hand

  • Passive
  • Justice
  • Lunar
  • Emotion
  • Receiving
  • Unconscious

Right Hand

  • Assertive
  • Mercy
  • Solar
  • Logic
  • Giving
  • Conscious

These brief and traditional attributions for hands can prove meaningful in our daily practices. Being mindful of which hand is used (depending on the intent I wish to convey) has manifested some fascinating results. For example, when consoling a friend last week, I purposefully placed my left hand on her shoulder with the intent to transmit an energy of passivity. I wanted to convey nothing more than my presence to her, and my willingness to be an outlet for her emotion. No action – just being there.

Likewise, I mindfully give with my right hand, while receiving with my left. This simple act (or, more accurately, being aware of this act) has reaped some amazing results.

symbolic hand meaning
symbolic hand meaning

In the Celtic language of symbolism there are references indicating hand meaning in connection to power, rulership, and authority. I infer this from the experience of King Nuada who was dethroned from ruling his kingdom because he lost his right hand in battle.

It was a big deal. Without the hand, a king could be considered incongruent and unbalanced as kings were also judges. Good and balanced judgment was symbolically portrayed by the two hands. Later, however, we learn King Nuada regained his command after one of his daughters gave him a silver hand which was animated by the help of Miach, a sage and healer.

Also in the ancient Celtic way of thinking (and countless others), the hand was symbolic of spiritual power. Further, hands were thought to harbor energetic power as we see invocations by Celtic gods and goddesses as well as Druids.

In the Native American way of symbolic communication, hands dominated in expression where the Plains Indians showcased their most eloquent speech via use of hand gestures.

In Buddhism as well as Hinduism hand positions known as mudras were keenly important in expressing transference of divine powers. Hands shown in various positions held symbolism of inherent energy such as meditation, receptivity, unity, wisdom, etc.

The hand has long been thought as a conduit of power – transforming unseen energy into the world of form. Indeed, the Latin word for manifestation is formed around the world manus which is the Latin word for hand.

Consider these little bits about hand meaning as you go about your days, and travel on your Path. Furthermore, I invite you to be mindful of your hands, and how you use them to express yourself and your intent.

Hand Meaning Cueva De Las Manos
Ancient Hand Cave Drawings at Cueva De Las Manos (Spanish for ‘Cave of Hands’) dates around 10,000 years old.

Here are some ways to have fun while becoming more aware of the effectiveness and power hands can generate…

Employing Creative Symbolism to Enhance Hand Meanings

♦  Mindfully serve food or give items away with your right hand.

♦  Likewise, receive items with your left hand.

♦  Create your own set of spiritual hand signals signifying your devotion to the Divine.

♦  Get into the Native American mindset and use hands as communicative gestures. This Indian Sign Language Book is a great reference.

♦  Trace your hands on paper and color them in a meditative, free-associative state. Observe what insights come.

♦  Gently press your fingertips together, making a soft connection between both hands with the idea of making an energetic connection on a grand scale. Do this in a relaxed, meditative way and see what happens.

♦  Finger paint, or make hand print art.

♦  Consider taking a class or researching the symbolism in palmistry.

♦  Try writing with your less-dominant hand and observe what kind thoughts you express.

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