Land Animal Totems

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Land Animal Totems And Meanings

Land Animal Totems and  Meanings

Many cultures, including the Native Americans, believe that if we put our ear to the ground, we can hear Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Land animal totems are keenly aware of this heartbeat – and in fact, are said to walk in time with the beat of the Earth’s heart. Consequently, land animal meanings relate to intuition and awareness of surroundings.

Additionally, this animal group represents being grounded, and stable both mentally and physically. Below is a list of articles about land animal totems. Each article is well-research, and offers insightful observations about specific animals. Enjoy the meanings of the land animal totems, and discover more animal symbolism by clicking on the in-site links below. More information is added all the time. Thanks for visiting!

“Animals are our bretheren.”


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