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Animal Symbolism Dragonfly

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Animal Symbolism: Dragonfly Meaning

Dragonfly Meaning in the Realm of Animal Symbolism: As a creature of the wind, the dragonfly totem represents change. It’s iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to heed where the proverbial wind blows – lest we run into stormy weather.

Dragonflies are also creatures of the water, and any creature whose habitat is in, or around water carries symbolism relative the the subconscious, or “dreaming” mind and thoughts.

This is because in the animal world, water is symbolic of the subconscious mind (“deeper mind,” “dreaming mind”) and relates to the thoughts we have in relaxed/meditative/sleeping/subconscious states.

To get more closely attuned to the magic of the dragonfly, check out the quick-list of dragonfly symbolic meanings below.

Summary of Dragonfly Symbolic Meanings

  • prosperity
  • good luck
  • strength
  • peace
  • harmony
  • purity

These keywords & symbolic meanings of dragonfly are particularly associated in Asian (Japan) and Native American (Plains region) circles.

dragonfly meaning
Symbolic dragonfly meaning

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

~Omar Khayyam, Persian mathematician

Dragonflies carry messages that deal with deeper thought – and they ask that we pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.

Further symbolic insect meaning of dragonfly comes into play when we observe the dragonfly’s mode of transportation as it skitters across the top of water surfaces. This implies that our deeper thoughts are surfacing and we must be mindful of the outcome we wish to have.

The dragonfly is a reminder that when our deeper thoughts rise to the surface we must pay attention – there are lessons to be learned, and we are also reminded that what we think is directly proportionate to what we “see on the surface.” …In short, our thoughts (even the deeper ones that we might not be as in-touch with as we are with our conscious thoughts) are responsible for what we see in our lives – in our physical surroundings.

animal symbolism dragonfly meaning
Animal symbolism dragonfly meaning

The dragonfly gives us a very powerful meditation tool. Close your eyes, and focus on a thought – let it rise to the surface of your mind’s ocean – see that thought float lightly up to the water’s surface. Now upon the top of a smooth, calm glass-like surface – visualize that thought moving across that water – sliding across – smooth and fast.

This exercise is useful when we want to visualize positive outcomes in a situation. We see the thought of hope happily moving across an ocean of peace (peaceful mind) and skitting to a perfect outcome.

Lastly it should be noted that the Dragonfly lives a short life, and it knows it must live to the fullest with what it has. This lesson is huge for each of us. When you see a dragonfly, be aware of the gifts it has to offer by keeping its animal totem meanings in mind.

I hope you have enjoyed these observations on the animal symbolism of the dragonfly. To be sure, this creature is a magical entity. Please pay close attention when the dragonfly comes into your life, because its energy holds the essence of being alive, being aware, and giving thanks for the simple things in life.

Brightly, Avia

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