Symbolic Puma Meaning

Symbolic Puma Meaning

Symbolic Puma Meaning

These noble cats are symbols of courage and power. This falls in line with the puma/mountain lion being associated with the sun, and solar vibrancy in some cultures (South American, and Central American). Learn more about solar animals here.

As it is closely related, symbolic puma meaning is also similar to the symbolic meaning of panthers, mountain lion, and cougar.

Other attributes and symbolic puma meaning, (and its cousins, the mountain lion, panther and cougar):

Symbolic Puma Meanings

  • Action
  • Strength
  • Nobility
  • Patience
  • Silence
  • Decision
  • Leadership
  • Guardianship
  • Self-assurance
Symbolic Puma Meaning

Puma meaning (as well as symbolism of mountain lions or cougars) speaks to us of inspection, observation and scrutiny. In the wild, this creature will stare at an object, unmoving, for what seems like an eternity. Further, she does this with stillness, patience. To those of us who heed the puma as a guide, we would take great care to observer our own lives with the kind of intese focus the puma does.

People who have identified the puma, mountain lion, and/or cougar as their animal totem are people who typically come into this world with a spiritual knowing. Those who attract this animal totem have a deeper understanding of spiritual things. They are very psychic, intuitive, and are likely to be artistically inclined.

Furthermore, the puma is a very protective energy. If you have this creature as your animal totem, you are blessed to have such a fierce and aggressive guardian with you. When called upon you will be amazed at the resourcefulness and assistance the puma meaning can offer.

In closing, it is important to recognize the puma and it's relatives are cats of sudden, vigorous action. This being the case, those who share the puma as their totem should be mindful of their tendancy to lash out too quickly, or act out in haste. Call upon the patience and observation of the puma before taking action in order to avoid quick and unsavory consequences.

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I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on the mountain lion and puma symbolism. Don't miss my article on symbolic panther tattoo ideas. Thanks for reading!

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