Saturn symbol meaning

Saturn Symbol Meaning

Saturn Meanings General symbolic meaning of Saturn include… Domination Authority Transition Obstinate Slower pace Methodical Time Construction Labor Stability Labor Long study Observation Unrevealed power Saturn symbol meaning The Saturn

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alchemy symbol planet meanings

Alchemy Planet Symbols

…(gold) to assure balance. I’ve written more about moon symbolism here. Saturn: Saturn alchemy planet symbols are seen in texts as governing the metal lead, which is one of the…

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Neptune symbol meaning

Neptune Symbol

…specifically over a long period of time. Eventually Jupiter (who escaped becoming Saturn’s breakfast with a clever ruse hatched by his mother) overthrew Saturn anyway and rescued Neptune (along with…

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astrological meaning of days

Astrological Meaning of Days

…Get more symbolic Venus meanings here. Saturday:SaturnSaturn can be stern energy and a real taskmaster too. This makes Saturday one of the most advantageous days of the week…

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astrological meanings and the human body

Astrological Body Meanings

…facilitate growth while inhibiting obstructions. ♦ Saturn: This is the planet of control and structures, so it is logical Saturn would influence our own structures. Meaning, Saturn governs our bones….

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zodiac symbols for capricorn and capricorn sign meanings

Zodiac Symbols For Capricorn

…an innate understanding of personal responsibility. A peek at Capricorn’s governing zodiac symbols can elaborate on these traits. Take the symbolic planet Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Saturn is named after…

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pluto symbol meaning and pluto planet meaning

Pluto Symbol

…a clue as to the depth (and sometimes emotionally disturbing) capacity of Pluto. After stewing in Saturn’s stomach, Pluto (and all his other siblings upon whom Saturn feasted) were rescued…

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Celtic zodiac sign stag and deer meaning in Celtic astrology

Celtic Zodiac Sign Stag Deer

…be to latch on to a ‘home-base’ and every action you take will move from that cornerstone. Planet: Saturn The stag/deer is governed by the planet Saturn. The symbolic theme…

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zodiac sign dates

Lucky Days For Zodiac Signs

…well done. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, which is a structured, controlling energy. Because Saturday is the product of all days before it, this is also a good day to…

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