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penguin meaning

Penguin Meaning: A Question About Penguin Totems in Life

Answering Questions about Penguin Meanings

The following article is based on a question I got about pengiun meaning.  This article is one among many examples of how important it is to pay attention to various signs and symbols when they pop up in our lives.

Why? Because inevitably, there is a deeper message there. Often, that message is inspirational, and sometimes life-changing. Check out this question from Victoria in Canada:

Victoria asks: “I was wondering what you might have to say about symbolic penguin meaning.

I didn’t know much about penguins, but upon doing some research, I feel an affinity to this bird. I feel awkward and out of place, and I wonder if penguin can help me with that.

Also, I have been having dreams about the penguin, and wonder what that means.

It’s uncanny how the penguin keeps showing up. My niece gave me a bean bag penguin. I see them on TV. My best friend even wore a pair of sterling silver penguin earrings.

Anything you can share on the symbolic meaning of penguins would be much appreciated.

Avia’s Response to
“Symbolic Penguin Meaning”

Hello Victoria ,
Thank you for sharing.

Penguins are indeed an ally to those of us who feel awkward or out of place. Consider: This is a bird who does not fly. This is symbolic of breaking out of standardizations. It implies thumbing our noses at convention and the “norm” of society. If you feel out of place, tapping into penguin energy may help you accept your differences. Embracing what is unique about who you are (whether society accepts it or not) is big penguin medicine. Penguins remind us that even though we might think we “should” be a certain way – we can certainly go a different path and adapt to being ourselves in beautiful ways.

By the same token, penguins are extremely social creatures. This juxtaposed their unorthodox symbolic features implies finding people of like-mind and attributes. Perhaps find a social group that thinks and feels in similar ways as you do. This is just one of the many penguin lessons we can learn.

The penguin is a symbol of dreams, intuition and perception. It has a keen sense of the “underworld”. The penguin is a champion underwater. This is symbolic of “going below” – accessing deeper emotion, and having a perception that is anything but common. Penguins ask us to dive beneath the surface of reality. Therefore, penguins can be an aid in interpreting dreams and developing psychic ability.

In dreams, penguin meaning deals with connecting with our remote selves. We all have areas in our hearts and lives that we neglect. Those remote spaces where we dare not venture into. Whether from fear or denial, many of us chose to ignore these tender, isolated spots in our emotional makeup. We can tap into penguin power to access these spaces. Penguin will guide us into our icy realms and help us swim to a place of understanding and acceptance.


Part and parcel with this guidance is molting. Penguins molt, and that is symbolic of renewal. Penguins show us how to shed what is unneeded and unwanted. After releasing, penguins remind us that we can grow, regenerate, and come alive again with renewed vitality.

I hope these thoughts on penguin meaning and symbolism help you on your path.

Bright penguin blessings to you,

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