Uranus Symbol Meaning

Uranus symbol meanings

Uranus Symbol Meaning and Uranus Symbolism

This article on Uranus symbol meaning delves into the symbol itself as well as the myth of Uranus. This article also discusses the personality of the Greek creator god Uranus as a way to more deeply understand the planet and the symbol.

The Uranus symbol is based on several symbolic components, particularly the male symbol because of its association with the god by the same name in Greek myth.

In ancient Greek myth, Uranus kicks off the beginning of life. In the Greek account of creation there was first a tremendous expanse of Chaos. From Chaos emerged two majestic manifestations in deific form: Gaea (Mother Terra) and Uranus (Father Sky).

The Uranus symbol comes in two different designs – shown here.

Uranus, as the myth conveys, was ever willing and fervent to partake in sexual pleasures with his mate, Gaea, however he was ill-prepared for the consequences. He was shocked (and somewhat appalled) with his progeny who he thought of as monstrous (giants, Cyclops’s).

Here begins our first insight into the symbolic facts about Uranus. Here we see a very male, authoritative (albeit a reluctant father) personality in Uranus which bleeds into the Uranus symbol as well as the personality of the planet.

Other symbolism of Uranus deals with…

Uranus Symbolic Meanings

  • Art
  • Science
  • Eccentricity
  • Change
  • Invention
  • Revolution
  • Surprise
  • Originality
  • Sexual drive
  • Awakening
  • Non-conformity
  • Inspiration
  • Shock value
  • Self-Expression

“You can’t wait for inspiration.

You have to go after it with a club.”

~Jack London

The Uranus symbol and its personality also connects to a pervasive (sometimes perverted, hedonistic) sexual drive. As in the myth, this drive is so powerful it often overlooks the consequences of its action – and that’s where the element of surprise comes in.

Even so, the core symbolism of this sexual drive is that of procreation. One would argue the entire of mythological pantheon would cease to exist if it were not without the procreative urges of Uranus and Gaea.

Nevertheless, the incredibly powerful in its influence Uranus (the god, the planet and symbol) sometimes lacks the forethought to analyze the implications of behavior and action.

It is, therefore, seemingly contradictory that Uranus’ influence is so tightly connected with mind-expanding areas of art and science. Indeed, Aquarius is ruled by this planet (and shares rulership of Pisces too) and this sign is notorious for expansive thought.

I think we can justify Uranus’ involvement with thought-expansion (innovation, invention) because of its ability to keep us flexible. That’s why Aquarians are notoriously skilled at finding unorthodox solutions – uncommon answers to common problems.

Indeed, the industrialization of the western world took place under Aquarian/Uranus influence as this planet was transiting in the sign of Aquarius during the Industrial Age. New thought, new inventions and remarkable new ways of dealing with old problems exploding during this time because of the expansive presence of Uranus.

The planet Uranus is one of the four outer planets. This means its far distance and the long span of time it takes to orbit the sun causes its influence to be more expansive (generational rather than personal).

Outer planets like Uranus have more generational effects on humankind because of their distance from the sun and the longer length of time it takes them to come full circle in their orbit. Ergo, Uranus has an expansive, broader influence. Furthermore, Uranus and the other outer planets deal more with social functions rather than details concerning personal/individual aspects of life. Another example of “big scheme” influence of Uranus and it’s outer planet siblings.

Outer planets are also known as “gas giants” because unlike the four inner planets who are terrestrial in nature, the outer planets are mostly gaseous in composition. This fits nicely with the expressive, communicative nature of Uranus.

Why? Because gaseous qualities deal with the arena of the mind. Ergo, the gassy (airy) quality of Uranus lends symbolic energy to thoughts and how we express them.

So what does the Uranus symbol offer us in terms of development and growth? Here are some ideas on how we can incorporate this symbol in our lives for advancement:

How Uranus Energy Offers Personal Growth

♦  By marking it in our journals as a reminding to remain adaptive and flexible in the face of sudden (sometimes unexpected or shocking) changes.

♦  We can adopt the symbol in creative practices (drawing, painting, mixed media) when we need to convey ourselves more clearly and require an energetic element of originality in our work

♦  We can use the Uranus symbol as a meditative tool. It’s creative, vital energy can work to inspire us in our sexual lives as well as invoke creative and unorthodox approaches to solve problems.

In the end, the Uranus symbol, the Greek god in myth, and the planet all share the same symbolic energy. By including it into our devotions, meditations and thought – we are, in essence, calling upon the energy of one of the first, most ancient creator Gods. That translates to some awesome power. Just respect it, honor it, and be aware of the potential involved when working with Uranian energy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these thoughts and observations pertaining to the symbolic facts about Uranus. Don’t stop here, keep your education *flexible* (as Uranus would have it) and launch your own personal studies on this amazing symbol/planet/god!

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