solar animal totem solar animal meaning

Solar Animal Symbolism

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Solar animal symbolism deals with creatures that correspond with the sun – also known as fire sign animals. The list of solar animals is seemingly infinite (as is the lunar animal list). However, the article below outlines a few common fire sign animals and their roles within the rays of the sun.

Solar animal symbolism
Solar animal symbolism

Shining Light On Solar Animal Symbolism

Fire animals can light up your life and provide ignition to whatever you need set into action. Specifically, invoke solar animal symbolism when you need to…

“Heat can neither be separated from fire,
nor beauty from the eternal.”

~ Dante Alighieri

Fire And Solar Animals Symbolism Means Stuff Like…

  • Blazing a trail
  • Sparkling with confidence
  • Illumination upon your path
  • A call to be a beacon in leadership
  • Expecting a spark of inspiration
  • Needing the flames of passion to be stoked
  • Time to outshine the competition in your trade

Solar Animals in Cultural Myths, Legends, and Lore

The following symbolic solar animal information and their mythological and cultural backgrounds will further assist you in warming up to the power these amazing creatures represent.

Lion as a Solar Animal

In most cultures Lions represent courage, wisdom, royalty, justice and protection. The Lion embodies other attributes such as loyalty, perseverance, ferocity, bravery, and victory. The Lion may also speak to your softer side as it also embodies compassion.

Interestingly, the Lion is also depicted on the Strength card of the Tarot, and as such, represents strength in an interpretation.

solar animal totem solar animal meaning
solar animal totem solar animal meaning

Solar Creatures in Alchemy and Greco-Roman Times

Alchemically, the Lion is held in the highest regards of the tradition. So much so that it symbolizes gold or the sun – the very highest characteristics of ascension and enlightenment. Furthermore, due to its virility, strength, and perceived courage, the lion was seen as the ultimate protector of alchemical secrets, as well as keeper of the underworld.

Another powerful creature that comes to mind is the Salamander. In Greek and Roman myth the Salamander lived in the very heart of all fire (and as such, took on the representation of fire itself). Pliny believed that the Salamander survived fire by quenching it with its cold body with is a symbol of keen intellect. As such, it is considered a powerful alchemical symbol.

Salamander animal symbolism also deals with purity, faith, heraldry, and the fire of passion that is ignited in the heart of the courageous. The salamander or lizard symbol is also depicted on several cards in the suit of wands of the Tarot deck in which it signifies the creative spark.

Unsung Heroes of Solar Animals

The Ram is another tremendously strong symbol of solar energy. Rams signify impetuous ardour, virility and hot-headedness. But with the heat of passion the Ram also brings calculating tendencies, and is also a sign indicating creativity.

In iconography the Ram stands as a symbol for many potent gods including Baal, Zeus, Ea, Apollo and Indra.

Certainly another symbol of greatness is the Cock (Rooster). These creatures represent watchfulness, courage, virility, fighting spirit, reliability. The Cock is also linked with solar energy – a symbol of dawn, illumination and the sun in Celtic and Nordic myth.

Roosters are sacred animals in Japan where they run free among the Shinto temples. Legend has it they are found on weather-vanes (in Western culture) because they serve as an emblem against evil. In Ancient Greece, the Cock was hailed for its pluckiness (pardon the pun) – it’s fighting spirit and determination.

solar animal symbolism
Solar animal symbolism

Dragons as Solar Beasties

Then, there is always the DragonChinese Dragons can easily encapsulate all of your dualities – as it is the ultimate solar power symbol while still known as being a beneficent being.

Dragons historically capture the very essence of action, motion, vigor, protection.Dragons ask no permission – they wield authority easily. They are the master of all domains.

Naturally perceptive – Dragons easily assess all situations, adapt, and prevail. Success, good luck, warmth, admiration, wealth – all of these belong to the realm of the Dragon.

Here’s a quick list of animals with solar animal symbolism links (on this site).

I hope you have enjoyed reading these perspectives on solar animal symbolism. Be sure to check out my page on Lunar Animals too.

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Sunny solar totem tidings to you!

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